Thursday, April 23, 2015

I'm a workaholic!

My workstation after 8pm for the past few days. And I've been burning midnight oil! Not that I'm given a tight dateline, but I just want to complete it, so I can focus on the next one. 

And when it comes to proper work, I'm a perfectionist. I need everything to be filed and labelled neat and tidy. My character is such that, either do it perfect or don't do it at all. 

I was learning how to use Wordpress through trial and error for the past few days, becos I want to update my company's website! I don't wish to rely on our web designer which will probably takes him 2-3 weeks to update a page. 靠人不如靠己! 

And being a total noob with Wordpress, I'm kinda impressed with myself for updating and creating a brand new page for our new services! Created and watermarked those tables and photo too! Not bad hor? 

Told my boss that I'm very very particular about website becos I feel that most people search everything online nowadays. Imagine people wish to find out more about your company, but when they enter your site and it's not been updated for a long time, what will be the first thing that comes to their mind? Put yourself in their shoe, and you will get what I mean. 

And I'm proven very right today... 

By a business book! 

Just like a blog, if I didn't update it for more than 6 months, will people still want to come here? They wouldn't even bother to click or remember my blog address anymore. 

But to me, it doesn't matter lah, cos I didn't blog for others, and I've no time for adverts or reviews now. 
Totally exhausted. I really need to sleep now. I took only 15 mins to type this post! 

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