Saturday, April 25, 2015

Love is...




GROWING FAT TOGETHER! HAHAHA! The last two were home cooked, thank god for a man who can cook! :)

Yes, he is. And becos he is, I cannot stand people who took advantage of him becos he's nice. I'm angry when it's becos of me, he had to put up with nonsense people. And that nonsense has been giving him ALOT of nonsense from time to time. He didn't tell me becos he knew that I'm a very reactive person. 

Yes, I am. That's becos I'm not one who will create nonsense for others, but I welcome anyone who tries their ways and means to find trouble, with me, or people I love. 

You know why?

Becos you've no right to. ONLY I have the right to bully him. 

You know why again?

Becos he loves me. Period! 

Things are simple, humans are the complicated ones. If you're complicated, that's your own fucking problem, don't make life difficult for others.

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