Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Room revamping in progress!

Big project! Gonna revamp my whole room! Throwing away my very old queen size bed, replacing it with a double deck.

The kids are very excited, so am I.

Not becos I can have a "new" room, but becos le' very amazing man will be the one MAKING the double deck bed, from scratch. 

I actually wanted to buy one lidat...

But it's $1,588!!! Wtf! So expensive sia! I is very poor now. 

So le' very talented man offered to make one for us! He bought all the materials and tools liao. I really wonder how is he going to make and how it will turns out to be. Hahaha 

Handmade with love, he's the best lah! 

I can have more space to do my hula hoop and I can put two study tables side by side for them! I measured already! If the measurements didn't go wrong, I can get these tables for them! 

There's only a remaining of 122+- cm for two tables! So I need to divide according. But can someone tell me what material is this table made of? How come it looks so buay zai one? This cost $100 lor! Raeann passed me $100 of her savings, she wanted to pay herself. Becos I jokingly told her that she should be the one paying since she wants to buy it. And she really passed it to me! 

Then, she requested for something else, which I've forgotten what issit! But the price is like $990? She said she will save that amount of money first. 

Good! She needs to learn that things don't come easy. If she wants it, then she needs to earn for it. And not open her mouth and expect us to pay. 

Plus, I HOPE SHE WILL CHERISH IT MORE SINCE SHE'S PAYING. Human's greatest fault - taking things for granted. 

Another model. Deliberately choose table with storage cos I told them that they need to keep their belongings themselves at their own space. Anything which is not kept properly, I will throw. 

There's nothing much more I can do cos my room is very very small. I can only squeeze and play around with available space. *headache*

I bet they will be very very impressed when they see how their favourite uncle make the bed for them. Shall get them involve in the making before and after their school. Raeann said she wanted to decorate her bed! I allowed! 


Last but not least, I love him! :) 

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