Thursday, April 16, 2015

Room Tour (Project D.I.Y)

Warning: It's gonna be a very long post!!!

Can't wait to show you guys how cozy and nice my room is now. Wanted to post this long ago, but decided to wait till everything's done, then you can see the GREAT difference!

This was how my room used to look like (dismantling the old bed halfway); incredibly messy, dirty and space-less. 

Had wanted to change to a double deck bed long time ago, but kept procrastinating becos I'm lazy, and it's not that cheap. 


He decided to design and build one for us! He really deserved all the credits. 

1) He designed and built this bed, all by himself. Calculated the materials over 4 coffees and 2 toasts.

2) He went to purchase all the heavy wood, woke up at 4am to cut/saw or whatever you call it, all my himself. 

3) He screwed and fixed it step by step and got himself injured, quite badly. (I felt so guilty!) 

It's not easy at all becos the wood is so super knn heavy. My bed weighs 330kgs in total, there's no way I can even shift a little at all. 

He's incredible, amazing, scarily talented and best of the best. 

So what did I do? 

I went to buy food, cleared and cleaned the room, helped to carry the wood up, walked up and down more than 20 times, drank abit of moscato, kpkb here and there, sweated like mad and... 

Sanded (raw wood) and cleaned up the whole bed and room. By the time I finished, I think my soul already left me. I got no strength to even talk. It's so freaking tiring!

We saved $1,000, but that's not the main point. The effort and time spent together to do it + whole body ached the next day = priceless memories. 

I'VE GOT THE MOST PRICELESS (and heaviest I think) BED IN THE WORLD. 独一无二 ok! I love it so much even when it's plain, unpainted and un-lacquered. 很有满足感咯!!!

Somehow, I see my father's patterns in him. The old man food they like to eat, the everything also must do ourselves attitude, the everyday must scold people habit and the sot sot character. Wah piang eh! (Maybe he will ask me to check cctv to see who stole his papaya away in future! Haha)

But one thing for sure, I know he loves me (and my kids), always trying to give me the best and whatever I want, spending all his free time with me and giving me all the assurance. And hahaha, he always give in to me!!! 

Everything is so ridiculously convenient nowadays, you can get it with just a click or a phone call. Called to order the mattresses, pillows and bolsters at around 6pm, and they delivered around 9pm. Found the contact on Carousell. In fact, other than those D.I.Y wood materials, I bought almost everything online. My bedsheets (plus quilt and quilt cover) is also found online, but I went down to their shop to purchase. And it's soooooo comfortable!!! Money well spent, even though it's not very cheap. But me and my kids can sleep soundly. Good investment I must say!  

Next up, study table. 

One of my purpose to change into a double deck bed is to make space for a proper study area for the kids. They need a proper table to do their homework.

Can't decide if I should get a study table or make two foldable tables and get a bookshelf/cabinet? I'm very very sure they will fight over the study table, so I need to get two, but there is not enough space. Hence, decided on foldable tables instead...

Wanted to get this from ikea but realised the size is too big to fit. So...

It's D.I.Y time again!!! Each piece of wood (customised according to the size we wanted) cost $4 and bracket at $12.90 each. Total cost of two tables = $ 33.80 only!!! We saved money again! But the sanding part, again, is priceless. I sanded it till super duper smooth can.

These tables have gotta be one of my most brilliant idea, ever. Saved so much space, each has their own table, I can use it to put my laptop when I need to work, and most importantly, I can lie comfortably on my bed while teaching Raeann her homework and I don't have to split myself into two to attend to them. Meimei can choose to do her own work or lie beside me on the bed. 

Then, bookshelves. 

Since I've limited space left after getting a long mirror cum accessories organiser, I can only search for something not more than 80cm. It's really very headache to do planning/designing. So, imagine to plan/design a bed? I cannot imagine, becos I'm not so smart, I wouldn't even think of doing it, at all. 

And finally, after searching for a few days and nights, I found this pretty thing on Qoo10. (If you're interested to buy, I've shared the link on my FB page - While typing this, I'm fuming mad! Becos they're having discount now and I can save $30 if I order two days later! $30!!!)

Anyway, the delivery was damn fast, 2 days after I placed my order. 

Lastly, the deco. 

I spent a few days measuring, thinking and searching (everywhere online; qoo10, Carousell, Facebook etc). How to decorate, what to put and buy etc. Le' bf said I machiam got possessed, becos once it reached 10:30pm, I'll start measuring here and there. Hahahahahaha

Trying my best to make the room as less "cute" as possible. And I want it personalised. Wall decal is the most amazing decoration ever. It literally brightens up boring house/room, immediately. 

I love all the decals! Bought them from Carousell (a few different sellers), and they cost about $100+ for all. There are a few extras though. Gonna donate them to EAC's office!

Welcome to my very cozy lil' room!!! ^.^

3 hours - 83 likes and counting. I'm also very impressed, by us.

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