Friday, May 1, 2015

Today, I choose joy!

Fuck all the nonsense, I'm letting you go now after a good cry. As long as my conscience is clear, I've nothing to fear! 不要为了别人的过错惩罚自己

Blogging is my life, there's no way I will stop for anyone. This is the only place where I can pour out all my frustration, anger, happiness, and all my craps! (Though some of the posts are still in my draft box as it's not right to post cos so many people are reading it now!)

People should see how I blog about a person if I really want to. I show no mercy in exposing all the truth, from head to toe. No face will be given, to you or myself. I'm this real. 

So when I still give you face, stop provoking me further, when I've never provoked you at all. All the things that happened has nothing to do with me at all, you had it coming due to your own childishness. Stop stirring me into your shit and complicated life! 

Since day one, my stand has been very clear, I only want to work and earn more for my kids and myself. Other than that, I'm not interested in anything else, and that includes you. 

I'm mature enough, that's why I didn't bother how you throw your attitude at me when I think you can't even figure out what the hell I did you wrong. 

I choose to ignore and do my own things, becos I don't see you as any comparison or threat. Fact is, I'm not even interested in what you're doing. If I am, I'll just remain in my comfort zone and not step out. 

Just so you know, I'm not that "powerful" to have the say to eliminate anyone. Neither will I do that! Stop accusing others, you should just reflect on all the wrongs you did. 

We are all adults, there's no point solving this in a childish manner. 

Oh by the way, I just killed two cockroaches. (Big achievement cos usually, I'll choose to ignore and pretend I didn't see!) Cb cockroach choose to appear at the wrong time. 

I'm sorry, please don't be a cockroach in your next life anymore. It's such a pest! 

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