Friday, April 24, 2015

Too busy loving myself!

While typing this, I'm still thinking of what should I titled this post. I've no specific thing to blog about, but I just want to blog. I've plenty of things to do, but I still want to blog.

Becos someone reads my blog and made herself so angry and throw her fucking childish tantrum at everyone. Seriously? Grow up! You think you 14 years old ah?

First of all, in case you don't remember my face...

Aww... How I miss my own face! 

If reading my blog made you so damn unhappy, I've a good suggestion, don't read lor. Else, don't blame me for making you unhappy. Becos the more unhappy you are, the more I'm gonna blog about my happy loving life! I'm gonna show you my loving bed AGAIN...

(JUST FOR YOU, my next 10 posts will be how loving we are. My advice to you is, don't ever click into here to read.)

Love my cozy room and my bed beyond words. You know why? Becos of that loving drill and the loving man. This bed is made with love. Feeling sour? Too bad then. You think I care? Fuck off. 

Becos I'm really too busy to be bothered with you. Let me share with you what's my motto for everyday...

❝ʆίѵε εѵεɾψ ʍσʍεηϯ ✦ ʆαմɡհ εѵεɾψδαψ ✦ ʆσѵε ɓεψσηδ ϖσɾδς❞

Thank you Pink Nail Studio (Jennifer and Esther) for this new set of nails. Thank you for being my nail sponsor for the past 1 year plus. Sorry that I've not been active in my blogger job. I'll slowly go back to it.

Pink Nail Studio is a gem in the heartland, small but super cozy and best of all, it's in Jurong! Jurong is a kampong but it's a place where I grew up in, and most comfortable with. 

Call for your appointment now - Esther 9227 7000

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