Thursday, April 16, 2015


Let me start by thanking Konica Minolta (SG) for the kind sponsorship of 10,000 donation envelopes to LCCS. I posted this on my FB and staffs of KM were so proud and happy about it. 

How I know? 

Becos my brother works there and some of his colleagues are on my FB. One of them even shared it. So it spreads to more KM staffs. They will feel good becos they know we appreciate. Also becos they feel proud of their company. I feel good too, becos more people know about LCCS's existence now.
Sorry but true, what most important in the corporate world is "awareness", they want as many as possible people to know and heard about them (in a good way of cos). The more, the merrier. They want people to remember and think of them when they needed their service/products or etc. That's why they are willing to spend money to market themselves and their products.

That's basically what I'm supposed to do now - to spread awareness of all the companies I'm in. LCCS is not new but it's not known. EAC is new and unknown too. It's not gonna be easy due to the limited network I have. And I too, old and unknown. Very sad case.
Sorry, I'm gonna switch to EAC now...
This was print screened at 12am sharp, which means the first 12 hours of the contest. Was hesitating to post this becos it's kinda confidential but there are few things I need to point out and think of solution for it.
Apparently, this post has reached out to 641 people (which is kinda less in my opinion) but there are only an increase of about erm, 20+ likes for the page. 25 shares on this particular post, one comment but irrelevant.
From here, I realised that most people DON'T READ INSTRUCTIONS. And I cannot blame them becos I'm one of them too. I'm wondering if it's becos the instructions are too long winded and naggy, that's why people don't read? Or becos it's too troublesome to follow? Or becos they just don't read?
If you share without posting a comment, how would we know if you're a car owner, or you are just sharing it for the sake of helping your friend to share? (Of cos, a few of the shares are from EAC staffs!) So I assumed that all the shares are for the sake of sharing only. (For this, thank you to all my friends, coll's friends and etc!)
Which is okay for me actually. Becos we save the prizes and spread the awareness. So I'm not at all worried that nobody joins. LOL
It's quite difficult to convince people about the warranty. Most people aren't willing to spend cos they think their car is in superb condition. People only visit a doctor when they fall sick what, then worried about the expensive medical bill.
In order to market and sell an intangible product, you have to convince yourself before you can convince others. In this case, I'M VERY CONVINCED becos EAC is a reputable company and is growing...
We are in the midst of setting up our own workshop!!!
Further details will be given after all the renovation is done. I is very happy cos it's very near my house, lolol. But then again, I'm always running around, so it doesn't really make any difference. I'm in charge of the office decoration becos my dear boss is very impressed with my sanding, measuring and pasting skill. HAHAHAHAHA! I'm actually quite impressed with myself too. LOLOL
P/S: A short write-up by Cheryl Tay -> 

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