Saturday, May 30, 2015

When are you going to wake up?

Yesterday, Raeann went to her dad's place for a "staycation". He came to pick her when we were having dinner. We = B' was around cos he bought the dinner for us. And so they met. Shortly after, I received these msgs...

Erm... I didn't reply cos I have no idea what's he talking about? I think he's crazy? He even msged my mom. (He said it's not finalised yet??? Huh?) 

Final judgement was out since early Feb. I went to hdb to submit all the documents on 11 Feb. Furthermore, we did NOT contact for quite some time already. I already have nothing to talk to him anymore.
What's there to say??? Is he dreaming or what??? Does he even know what he signed? Can he stop sleeping and stop living in his self-denial mode?
Don't tell me he forgot how he mis-treated me few days before the final judgement is out? I didn't file for PPO cos my lawyer said there's no need to as we will be officially divorced soon (then). 
My mom said he flared up cos he saw B'. But it's not my problem ah. Does it means that I need to wait for him to get attached before I can move on? 
I didn't hide the fact that I'm attached. In fact, it's all over my blog. He knew the existence of B' long ago cos he kept asking Raeann about it. So what's the problem now? 
And hor, he needs to get things very clear leh. The maintainance fee he's paying ($800) every month is for the kids and it's not even enough at all. Let me do a breakdown... 
Aunt - $400
Meimei's school fee - $250
Meimei's compulsory enrichment in school - about $100 
Raeann's school fee - $20+ 
Raeann's tuition - $300
Raeann's bus fee - $125
Pocket money + all other misc - about $100

What about food, milk powder and diaper? Their clothes, shoes and etc? Books? All these don't need money?

His $800 like very big lor. It's not that I (or B') cannot afford. But he has to know that being a "daddy" doesn't come free. He can don't pay, no issue with us at all, but don't come and disturb our life lor. 

Sorry to say but he's just plain irritating and selfish. He cannot give me happiness but he don't allow me to have happiness too. I wasn't affected lah, I find him very amusing instead. To think he even has the cheek to msg my mom to tell her. 

Hello, black and white is stated clearly already. Get things clear before spouting nonsense out of his nasty mouth lah! 

Leaving him is the best decision I've made in my entire life. Otherwise, I wouldn't have know what real happiness is.

I've now met the best man on earth. There's nothing he wouldn't do for me. 

He cook, becos he's worried I'll get hungry. He look after the kids, knowing I'm tired. He even washes our clothes, becos Mary went back to hometown. He said, "I'll help u to wash every two days ok!" And he's doing it out of love, not becos he likes to wash clothes hor. 

Who the hell love washing clothes sia? I hate it cos it makes my hand 破皮 like shit. But I can iron very well, no problem. 

Every couple should share their problems and burdens together. You know what did I get when Mary went back the previous time? 

After dinner... "Can you help me wash the dishes while I go and wash and hang our clothes?" 

"I don't know how to wash!" Phroommmmzzz... DISAPPEARED! 

So basically, I did EVERYTHING while he sleep. And then, "I sleep becos I'm very stressed up u know or not? Can you understand how stressed I am or not? I work till very tired u know or not!" 


You know, I'm not an unreasonable nor materialistic woman. I'm willing to do and give in, provided you're willing too. I've done so for many many years, received nothing except tons of excuses and shits. The day I stopped nagging/talking was the day I've given up, but nobody noticed my pain and countless disappointments.

I owe no one an explaination of my divorce becos I know I've tried my best, for the sake of my kids. I'm leaving all my blogs for them to read in future, in case they blame me one day, which I don't think they will though.

And now, I sincerely thank god for giving me this man and all the happiness bestowed on me. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I miss my Forty Five Ninety Nine!

It's been awhile... How have you been, Beamer? Walao, I'm so handicapped without you leh. 

You finally get your ass back today!!! I can't wait to have you back with me again. 

One more year I've to bid goodbye to you, again. And go through the headache of sourcing for a new one, again. I hope I won't have to drain my life savings, again. 

Oh yah hor, I've to bring Beamer for inspection soon. Damn. I've no idea how much is the road tax? Haiz

Missing you, 
Your owner

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

連詩雅 Shiga - 到此為止

I don't know Cantonese but I find this song very catchy. Then I read the lyrics, very meaningful lor. "没有勇气相爱另一次" How many people experienced this before? 
"When it's gone, it's gone. Learn to appreciate when you still have it!"
Anyway, I just saw this on my FB newsfeed... 

Opening a cafe is my dream. But since many years ago, I told people that it's dumb to be a boss in SG, unless there are no rental and labour involved or I'm super duper rich and I've too much money but nowhere to spend (which is impossible). If not, I'd rather stay as an employee.
My "vision" was right. I refused to go into business no matter how many chances I was given becos I don't have any confidence to do it. 

I fully understand how hard and struggling it is, especially when you have smelly customers who refused to pay, and you have to keep pumping in money for monthly overhead expenses and wages. What about those problematic workers that give you headache and trouble every time? 

It's good to be a boss (in SG) last time, but not now. Nobody can be trusted, except yourself.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Couple in the same company...

Yay or nay?

Being in the family business for so long, I often ask myself this question. And debated with many people about it too. 

Most people think: Of cos it's good! Couple should strive it out together (in this case, doing business) and they have more topics to talk about. 


Not more conflicts and arguments meh? 

I always see my parents having cold wars due to different views and ways of handling things. 

And hor, you cannot really concentrate and chiong all the way, unless your partner is those cannot be bothered at all. You will have to consider his/her feeling and sacrifice alot in order not to make him/her unhappy. 

On the other party side: 

It's really not easy unless you have super high tolerance towards bitch and bastard.

In a normal way, it's not wrong for you to be angry or upset. But in a professional way, you will seem very immature. You will contradict yourself between your feeling and mind. 

All in all, I still feel that it's not that nice to work together. You will unknowingly be a hindrance to each other.

Monday, May 25, 2015


Damn, I've no idea how many more times I've to deal with desperate woman, who is literally full of shit. Much as I wish to elaborate, but I can't. I honestly hate this kind of "stuck" feeling whereby I can't explain how I feel.

The kind of anger when you know someone is deliberately targeting at you becos they're jealous of you, and you can't do much about it. 

I've long ago sensed it, but I choose to ignore, cos after all, she's no threat to me. But I really cannot take it lying down that she "attacked" me right in my face for no reason, when I didn't do anything to her at all. Hello, I think I should be the one making the stand instead? 

Who the fuck she thinks she is? Why should I even report our whereabout to her? If she wants to talk to me in a fuck up attitude, be prepared for my fuck up attitude too! 

I can't help it that you dislike me. Just so you know, I don't like you too. To the extend, I don't even bother to save your number on my phone. So stop all the nonsense approach towards me. I've no time for you.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

70c Campaign

Walao, I'm in a dizzy mode now, just woke up from a little nap. I'm soooooooo tired cos I gotta work today. I'm not complaining lah. Cos actually, I'm just walking and driving around, in and out.

My colleagues are the ones working hard cos they have to present on stage. Becos its my first time entering church so I've the "privilege" not to present. HENG AH! Haha

All LCCS staffs have to take turns to do "duty" for 3 consecutive Sundays. They deserved a pat on their shoulder!
Frankly speaking, I think I do not "fit" into the church, the feeling is just... weird? 

They're all too nice, friendly, helpful and gentle, I'm too chor lor to fit in.

I sat in their "hokkien/cantonese" service for awhile, with all the ah ma and ah gong. Then got uncles and aunties came to me the moment I sat down. So I thought is a normal introduction... 

Uncle: Hi. *shake hand*
Me: Err Hi. *gave him an awkward look and shake hand* Joanne.
Uncle: 平安 *still shaking hand*
Me: Huh? Joanne. *trying to let go*
Uncle: 平安 *still shaking hand*
Me: HUH? Joanne. *trying to let go*
Uncle: 平安 *still shaking hand*
Me: HUH? 我是Joanne.

My colleague laughed. She explained to me that 平安 is like a form of greeting for them. Like "blessing you" lidat.

Erm okay. 

In order not to get anymore awkward moment or unknowingly do/say things which will offend them (cos I don't understand what they're talking about at all), I stayed in the canteen for sometime, alone. Haha

Then one friendly ah boy came up to me when I was looking at their bulletin board...

Ah boy: Hi.
Me: Ignored, cos I don't know he's talking to me. 
Ah boy: Hi, is this your first time here? 
Me: *look at him* No. *walk away*

He probably find me very rude, lol. Sorry ah, this aunty here don't like to talk to strangers, especially males. (I know he's harmless lah!) 

It's not I BHB, but I met many weird people before! 

There was once I went to kopitiam to have breakfast while waiting for my cousin to see doc. Then I went to the counter to order my drink, eggs and toast. One uncle suddenly walk over and offered to pay for me. He said he wants to treat me breakfast cos I very pretty?!?!?!? I paid and walk away. Siao one!

I'm not scare nor proud about it cos I grew up in a male working environment, I always meet such people last time. But I'm not desperate, so I just treat them like transparent lor. When strangers (male) talk to me suddenly, trying to be funny, I will just yaya papaya walk away.

Okay, back to the campaign. I actually wanted to post the video here. But then we haven't get the approval from board to launch it publicly. Yah man! Very 麻烦 one! Need to hold meetings and seek approval for everything! 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Funny Carousellers

Oh well, I'm supposed to be very super tired cos the board meeting over buffet dinner ended at around 10pm?

The food is not bad but I didn't eat much. I swear it only filled up 1/4 of my stomach. Becos hor...

1) I've never met them before this dinner. (But they're super nice people though!) 

2) I scare I too bimbo, say wrong thing lah. Stressed, you know? 

3) I was tired, really tired. (But no idea why become so energetic after shower?) 

4) Recovering from the bumpy afternoon ride. 

But it turned out okay, really okay, problem identified, suggestions discussed, so my mind is now actively thinking how to generate out a good plan. 

And hor, I actually regretted not eating the red bean dessert becos my boss said it's very nice. I was like "omg, shit!!! I didn't eat that!" Haiz

Then I went to FB, and saw something quite funny!!! I think we "talk" alike leh!

Reminded me of this too... 

Some people are really funny by nature. They way they act and talk, you will naturally feel happy around them. They can bring "life" everywhere they go! Generally, these type of people are sumpat sumpat one! Like wire connect wrongly! Yah, like me! LOL

Okay, I actually received a new job opportunity yesterday - Sales in Market Research (Technology)! My friend said if I'm interested, she will link me up with her sales director. Tsk! It's a MNC leh! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

I think I found one! :)

Although sometimes, I've no idea if he's being protective or possessive? I feel safe when I'm with him, but I'm not used to him solving everything for me. 

I know he's a good man. I know how well he treats me. I know how much he loves me. I guess it takes time to get used to it.

Anyway, there's a campaign running for LCCS currently, and I'll be entering church for the first time in my life this coming Sunday. To be honest, I'm kinda scare. 

Being born and brought up in a Taoist/Buddist family, I know nothing about other religions. Let alone their prayers and practices. I didn't even attend a church wedding before, only saw it on TV. Hahaha 

Nope, I've nothing against other religions, I always think that everyone has their own belief. Like how I believe in Guan Yin Ma. But I'll still respect others lah. 

However, I'll probably leave LCCS soon, cos I want to focus. I can't focus handling so many things. And I really don't wish to hold a stay-in-office job. 

I've been staying in the office for the past 10 years, comfortably and low-stress. If I wanted to hold a job lidat, I'll choose to go back to my parent's company instead. Same amount of salary, less work, more time & freedom and most importantly, I'VE ALL THE TIME TO BLOG (attend events etc). 

It's not about the money, I just don't wish to go back to my old lifestyle. If I were to choose to "help", I think all the more I should help my parents lah! Furthermore, I'm much more familiar with my old job, everything is at my finger tip.

Administrative work is not what I wanna learn, becos there's nothing for me to learn. I sure know how to send emails? Use Microsoft words? Excel sheet? Invoices? Payroll? I know them all. I'm just sick of doing them.

I'm thinking to go into an event company; organising & planning events, sourcing for materials, doing advertisements, ahh... this is my cup of tea! Sounds like a fun hor! 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Do NOT Disturb

Tmd, I'm in extreme bad mood today.

People can't seem to understand English/Chinese/whatever. Or they simply have no common sense!

Already told that chabor so many times when is the collection date, keep asking and asking, for what fuck? 

It's fine if she asked it in a nice way. But the way she msg me is as though I owed her money. Replied her liao, don't even bother to say thank you. Got money very big issit? 

Accused me of saying things I've never said before too. Thought we want to delay the process meh? Thought we got money don't want to collect meh? Go and ask the Government lah, why make things so difficult!

Furthermore, I'm still on MC hor, I'm already kind enough to finish my work on hand or reply your msg. I can just off my phone and ignore everything. I'm nice but I'm not a push over leh! 

Okay, I've finished ranting. Let's talk about happy stuffs now! 

Cheryl = Food = Happiness! Lol

But I'll blog about this another day. Sleepy now. FYI, I don't always blog/post immediately. Sometimes, I'll procrastinate for weeks before I decided to post it. Depends on my mood lor! 

Aiyo, I really miss being a real blogger leh. Cos I can do whatever I want, attend fun events and food tasting invites, have all the time to make myself pretty (sponsored somemore), receive plenty of products and even get paid for all the sponsorships. One advert average about $300 - $500 lor! (Now more cos readership increased!) 

Theresa Beauty once insisted to sign me as their "ambassador" for their facial service. I turned down the offer cos I wanted the slimming one lah, which they've chosen another girl for it. My manager said maybe they "hiam" me too slim liao. Erm... 

I turned down all offers for facial cos I don't like it!

There was another one who offered me $2.4k for one campaign, but I can't remember the details already.
Lolol, my crap is being appreciated by many hor!
But I won't renew my contract again. I received more offers when I wasn't being tied down leh. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hey hi, I'm here to make your pocket bleed again. Becos I'm very happy and satisfied with my latest purchase from, and I can't wait to share my experience with you guys.

Here's the story...

I woke up at 5+ am yesterday morning becos I took med and fell asleep mad early the night before. Not knowing what to do at such unearthly hour, I took my phone and started shopping, lolol.

Most of you have heard of Zalora, right?

Founded in 2012, they are the fastest growing online fashion retailer in Asia. Which is true cos when I was in HK, I saw people surfing their website on MTR.
With over 400 brands across womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, beauty and sports. Sometimes, you can get really good deal from there. This is not my first time purchasing from them, and they have never disappoint me before. I'm really impressed by their good service and fast delivery. And I mean, VERY FAST DELIVERY.
I checked out my shopping cart at 6+am yesterday morning, and I received the parcel this afternoon, which is totally unexpected!!! When Mary told me that I've a parcel, I asked her "omg, what did I buy again ah?" HAHAHAHAHAHA 

All three pairs for only $54.20!!! Cheap right?! Needless to say, the heels is my favourite among all! For your info, they provide free delivery for purchase above $40! 
Clothes, shoes and bags - never enough for a woman.

Every now and then, they will send you promo codes, whereby you will be entitled to further discount by keying in the code upon checkout. (It always ended up in my Trash before I open the mail becos it's very fatal ah. Unless I'm super bored lah!) 

Promo code: Get 15% off your first purchase by keying in "ZBAP1a1" upon checkout! Applicable to NEW customers only!!!

In future, my house MUST have a big walk-in wardrobe, with a huge shoe cabinet and a large bag shelf.

莊心妍 - 一直想著他

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Poor Beamer! :(

Got into an accident yesterday (a bus banged onto Beamer's backside), while on the way to i-forgot-where, I only remember that I've plenty of things to do and many places to run. 

Beamer is a very tough and hard car, and I really thank god for it! Look at the damages! The impact was so huge, I'd be badly injured if it's Pinky. But my Beamer so poor thing! :(

I didn't suffer from any major injuries, but I do felt really unwell after that. I think I sprained my neck and back & I felt nausea. The feeling of wanting to vomit but no vomit sucks. Reminded me of the horrible morning sickness. 

I was calm, really calm. As I felt there's no point getting angry, the damages will still be there, the driver didn't want it either (he's a nice guy anyway). Even though I really dislike getting involved in such, it's sooooo troublesome. 

So I'm on MC now, but I'm not lazing around hor. I just read an article and I find it kinda useful...

Did I mention about this before? I can't remember.
Anyway, yes, it's very very important to let customers/clients/people return back for more. And the best is to make them remember you (by letting them know that they're being appreciated) and return willingly. And thus, a good loyalty reward program is essential.
Mind sharing with me what type of loyalty program do you like the most? Thanks in advance.
To repay your generosity in sharing, I will post cutie Anders's photos for you lor.

What a darling hor!!!
Wow, look how much he has grown!!!
Now I miss them being a baby. It's getting harder to teach and discipline as they grow older. People always say, "your life will get better when they're older lah". THAT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL!!! It's the opposite lor.

Raeann's tutor complained and sent me this in the morning (It's not the first time!).

Remember what I said about her (Raeann) attitude? No matter is student care or tuition, her passion will die off after a while, and she will starts to chut many patterns. But she knows I won't give in to her too. 
I'm too lazy to explain when people said I'm a lousy mom becos I refused to "listen" to what my daughter said and I insisted my own way. 

Well, I've encountered all her patterns 8382962 times, from her playgroup till now. And I've tried 937278193 ways too, hard and soft approaches, but it just didn't work permanently.

How many times I got so frustrated and cried due to her nonsenses, nobody knows. I may seem like I don't care and don't do my duty as a mom, but that's cos I didn't report whatever I've done. There's no need to.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tempat Senang Resort & Spa

Amidst the busy working life, it's good to have a short rejuvenating trip to replenish ourselves. And I mean, just a day of laze-and-do-nothing trip, is enough. No shopping, no walking, no thinking, no sweating, just eat and sleep!
And if you need a good place to do so, I'm gonna recommend you one now. Tempat Senang Resort & Spa, at Batam, 30 mins ferry ride from Habour Front! 

Around 10 mins transfer from Sekupang Ferry Terminal, 45 mins away from the city (Nagoya).

The path to heaven on earth, I love this walk way. There are only 12 rooms at this resort, differentiated by names - India, Sultan, Tree house, Thai etc.

We were given this room but we were allowed to choose from other available rooms too. A very nice gesture from the lady boss. But after touring around, I still prefer this room - Thai room.

Now, let's take a tour around... All their rooms are huge! Though is a small resort, but is very popular among the angmohs. Their service is good, and they are all very friendly, but there's a crazy amount of mosquitos.


Their speciality - Beer Can Chicken. (There's a can of beer in the chicken!)
And I think it looks funnily obscene.

Becos it's a small resort, they do not serve buffet. You can choose between Indonesia breakfast (mee goreng etc) or western breakfast only. (Service kinda slow though!) I love their bread toast! No idea what they added in, so fluffy and crispy. #yummyinmytummy