Sunday, May 24, 2015

70c Campaign

Walao, I'm in a dizzy mode now, just woke up from a little nap. I'm soooooooo tired cos I gotta work today. I'm not complaining lah. Cos actually, I'm just walking and driving around, in and out.

My colleagues are the ones working hard cos they have to present on stage. Becos its my first time entering church so I've the "privilege" not to present. HENG AH! Haha

All LCCS staffs have to take turns to do "duty" for 3 consecutive Sundays. They deserved a pat on their shoulder!
Frankly speaking, I think I do not "fit" into the church, the feeling is just... weird? 

They're all too nice, friendly, helpful and gentle, I'm too chor lor to fit in.

I sat in their "hokkien/cantonese" service for awhile, with all the ah ma and ah gong. Then got uncles and aunties came to me the moment I sat down. So I thought is a normal introduction... 

Uncle: Hi. *shake hand*
Me: Err Hi. *gave him an awkward look and shake hand* Joanne.
Uncle: 平安 *still shaking hand*
Me: Huh? Joanne. *trying to let go*
Uncle: 平安 *still shaking hand*
Me: HUH? Joanne. *trying to let go*
Uncle: 平安 *still shaking hand*
Me: HUH? 我是Joanne.

My colleague laughed. She explained to me that 平安 is like a form of greeting for them. Like "blessing you" lidat.

Erm okay. 

In order not to get anymore awkward moment or unknowingly do/say things which will offend them (cos I don't understand what they're talking about at all), I stayed in the canteen for sometime, alone. Haha

Then one friendly ah boy came up to me when I was looking at their bulletin board...

Ah boy: Hi.
Me: Ignored, cos I don't know he's talking to me. 
Ah boy: Hi, is this your first time here? 
Me: *look at him* No. *walk away*

He probably find me very rude, lol. Sorry ah, this aunty here don't like to talk to strangers, especially males. (I know he's harmless lah!) 

It's not I BHB, but I met many weird people before! 

There was once I went to kopitiam to have breakfast while waiting for my cousin to see doc. Then I went to the counter to order my drink, eggs and toast. One uncle suddenly walk over and offered to pay for me. He said he wants to treat me breakfast cos I very pretty?!?!?!? I paid and walk away. Siao one!

I'm not scare nor proud about it cos I grew up in a male working environment, I always meet such people last time. But I'm not desperate, so I just treat them like transparent lor. When strangers (male) talk to me suddenly, trying to be funny, I will just yaya papaya walk away.

Okay, back to the campaign. I actually wanted to post the video here. But then we haven't get the approval from board to launch it publicly. Yah man! Very 麻烦 one! Need to hold meetings and seek approval for everything! 

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