Wednesday, May 6, 2015


It has marked the end of my probation in LCCS, and I've been confirmed. Much as I wish I can bring miracles to LCCS, I don't have much confidence either. But I'll try my very very best.

You know, ideas don't come when you stare at your laptop doing researches. Ideas are based on inspiration & trigger points.   

Like when driving, you saw something, and #dingggg, you roll and modify it, and who knows it might become your best proposal. 

Marketing needs plenty of ideas and creativities! Then survey around by asking friends, and plan if majority of people agreed with you. 

Which is why I've been noticing advertisements while walking, watching TV and on the road, watching out social media platforms to see which type of marketing works the best, and marking down human behaviours on marketing campaigns. 

In a whole, I need to be very connected to outside world. 

Now I understand why people have white hair, becos their brain is functioning non stop. 

I've to say that I'm a true blue workaholic. Becos once I've an idea of what I wanna do, I will work non stop, day and night to push it through. 

My cousin, who is a designer, working in an angmoh company told me that his company doesn't requires him to stay in the office at all, as long as he can show results. It's meaningless if you sit in the office whole day long, to show your face, but you don't show any result, you will be your company's liability instead of asset.

I'm adapting Mr LKY's words hor...

"You must not overlook the importance of discussion with knowledgable people. I would say that is much productive than absorbing or running through masses of documents. Because in a short exchange, you can abstract from someone who has immerse knowledge and experience, the essence of what he had gained."'

There's no shortcut to success, you have to work hard for it. And I'm pushing myself to the maximum now. Grateful for the opportunity given, therefore I need to prove myself in order not to let anyone down. 我能, 我行, 我可以!!!

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