Saturday, May 16, 2015

Do NOT Disturb

Tmd, I'm in extreme bad mood today.

People can't seem to understand English/Chinese/whatever. Or they simply have no common sense!

Already told that chabor so many times when is the collection date, keep asking and asking, for what fuck? 

It's fine if she asked it in a nice way. But the way she msg me is as though I owed her money. Replied her liao, don't even bother to say thank you. Got money very big issit? 

Accused me of saying things I've never said before too. Thought we want to delay the process meh? Thought we got money don't want to collect meh? Go and ask the Government lah, why make things so difficult!

Furthermore, I'm still on MC hor, I'm already kind enough to finish my work on hand or reply your msg. I can just off my phone and ignore everything. I'm nice but I'm not a push over leh! 

Okay, I've finished ranting. Let's talk about happy stuffs now! 

Cheryl = Food = Happiness! Lol

But I'll blog about this another day. Sleepy now. FYI, I don't always blog/post immediately. Sometimes, I'll procrastinate for weeks before I decided to post it. Depends on my mood lor! 

Aiyo, I really miss being a real blogger leh. Cos I can do whatever I want, attend fun events and food tasting invites, have all the time to make myself pretty (sponsored somemore), receive plenty of products and even get paid for all the sponsorships. One advert average about $300 - $500 lor! (Now more cos readership increased!) 

Theresa Beauty once insisted to sign me as their "ambassador" for their facial service. I turned down the offer cos I wanted the slimming one lah, which they've chosen another girl for it. My manager said maybe they "hiam" me too slim liao. Erm... 

I turned down all offers for facial cos I don't like it!

There was another one who offered me $2.4k for one campaign, but I can't remember the details already.
Lolol, my crap is being appreciated by many hor!
But I won't renew my contract again. I received more offers when I wasn't being tied down leh. 

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