Friday, May 22, 2015

Funny Carousellers

Oh well, I'm supposed to be very super tired cos the board meeting over buffet dinner ended at around 10pm?

The food is not bad but I didn't eat much. I swear it only filled up 1/4 of my stomach. Becos hor...

1) I've never met them before this dinner. (But they're super nice people though!) 

2) I scare I too bimbo, say wrong thing lah. Stressed, you know? 

3) I was tired, really tired. (But no idea why become so energetic after shower?) 

4) Recovering from the bumpy afternoon ride. 

But it turned out okay, really okay, problem identified, suggestions discussed, so my mind is now actively thinking how to generate out a good plan. 

And hor, I actually regretted not eating the red bean dessert becos my boss said it's very nice. I was like "omg, shit!!! I didn't eat that!" Haiz

Then I went to FB, and saw something quite funny!!! I think we "talk" alike leh!

Reminded me of this too... 

Some people are really funny by nature. They way they act and talk, you will naturally feel happy around them. They can bring "life" everywhere they go! Generally, these type of people are sumpat sumpat one! Like wire connect wrongly! Yah, like me! LOL

Okay, I actually received a new job opportunity yesterday - Sales in Market Research (Technology)! My friend said if I'm interested, she will link me up with her sales director. Tsk! It's a MNC leh! 

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