Friday, May 8, 2015

He must have loved that pair of shoes very much!!!

Lazy to re-type, so I'll just print screen...

A little correction here: He was ALREADY standing in the middle of the road, waiting to stop any oncoming car from a distance. 
My 婶婶, who was also inside the car, vouched that my sis didn't hit any red light, and she was travelling very slow, that's why she was able to stop when she saw that bonker. 

This was where it happened. 

And he ran towards this direction, hugging my 婶婶's shoes.

Both sides of the front door became like that now. He threw the "debris" on the road. 

B' and bro found it and brought it to us at the police station. 

My sis was very traumatised. She came back crying. Me and my bro dashed out with her to search for that bonker.

She has a working car camera but unfortunately, there's no memory card inside. And her hp ran out of batt. Well, nobody will expect such thing to happen lah. 

It's very ridiculous YET funny, even the police officer seemed shock! 

Maybe that bonker is trying to scam her out of something, but to pull out car doors handle???? It's crazy. 

And the most funny part... 

He hugged that pair of shoes and ran away. 

The police officer asked my 婶婶 what's the value of her shoes. 

She replied: "very cheap only lah! $21, bought it at 70% discount!" 

I don't know if I should laugh? 

Thank god no one is injured!

Anyway, thanks B' for driving up and down so many times, to ensure that I'm fine and to help out in searching for that bonker. 

Thank you to those who helped to share too. In future, if I meet with such bonker, I'll honk him like crazy. At least catch the attention of everyone around lah. 

Haiz... Humans must be damn stressed nowadays! 

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