Monday, May 18, 2015

I think I found one! :)

Although sometimes, I've no idea if he's being protective or possessive? I feel safe when I'm with him, but I'm not used to him solving everything for me. 

I know he's a good man. I know how well he treats me. I know how much he loves me. I guess it takes time to get used to it.

Anyway, there's a campaign running for LCCS currently, and I'll be entering church for the first time in my life this coming Sunday. To be honest, I'm kinda scare. 

Being born and brought up in a Taoist/Buddist family, I know nothing about other religions. Let alone their prayers and practices. I didn't even attend a church wedding before, only saw it on TV. Hahaha 

Nope, I've nothing against other religions, I always think that everyone has their own belief. Like how I believe in Guan Yin Ma. But I'll still respect others lah. 

However, I'll probably leave LCCS soon, cos I want to focus. I can't focus handling so many things. And I really don't wish to hold a stay-in-office job. 

I've been staying in the office for the past 10 years, comfortably and low-stress. If I wanted to hold a job lidat, I'll choose to go back to my parent's company instead. Same amount of salary, less work, more time & freedom and most importantly, I'VE ALL THE TIME TO BLOG (attend events etc). 

It's not about the money, I just don't wish to go back to my old lifestyle. If I were to choose to "help", I think all the more I should help my parents lah! Furthermore, I'm much more familiar with my old job, everything is at my finger tip.

Administrative work is not what I wanna learn, becos there's nothing for me to learn. I sure know how to send emails? Use Microsoft words? Excel sheet? Invoices? Payroll? I know them all. I'm just sick of doing them.

I'm thinking to go into an event company; organising & planning events, sourcing for materials, doing advertisements, ahh... this is my cup of tea! Sounds like a fun hor! 

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