Wednesday, May 27, 2015

連詩雅 Shiga - 到此為止

I don't know Cantonese but I find this song very catchy. Then I read the lyrics, very meaningful lor. "没有勇气相爱另一次" How many people experienced this before? 
"When it's gone, it's gone. Learn to appreciate when you still have it!"
Anyway, I just saw this on my FB newsfeed... 

Opening a cafe is my dream. But since many years ago, I told people that it's dumb to be a boss in SG, unless there are no rental and labour involved or I'm super duper rich and I've too much money but nowhere to spend (which is impossible). If not, I'd rather stay as an employee.
My "vision" was right. I refused to go into business no matter how many chances I was given becos I don't have any confidence to do it. 

I fully understand how hard and struggling it is, especially when you have smelly customers who refused to pay, and you have to keep pumping in money for monthly overhead expenses and wages. What about those problematic workers that give you headache and trouble every time? 

It's good to be a boss (in SG) last time, but not now. Nobody can be trusted, except yourself.

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