Sunday, May 3, 2015

The kids!

Aiyo... This Raeann hor, she showed me one video just now (her school one), saying she's inside the video.

Made me so excited, wait and wait and wait, thinking how come she haven't appear ah? I sent B' the link too.

Guess what?! 

Yah man! I only saw one pool of ants. Hahahahaha wth! 

These two fellows are amazing. They can fight the whole day, but the moment I take my cane out, they become very loving. Their reaction damn fast, and damn funny. Will tio 内伤 trying to control laughter sia.

I'll continue this post later, going to prepare the food for mookata liao!

Our dinner started as early as 4:30pm, cos B' helped to set up the fire. It's been so long... Eating mookata at home is so much cheaper than outside. Charcoal type tastes so much better too. The only hassle is the washing of the pot. But I think Mary will just throw there and soak it for one week or two. Then I'll get pekchek and wash it myself. She always chut this pattern one!

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