Saturday, May 2, 2015 I LOVE YOU

Wahahahahahaha this is mad funny right! 

My face... jialat, damn chui now, so many pimples, I must be damn stressed! But becos I'm stressed, B' promised to be sweeter to me, which he did. So should I feel happy to be stressed? Hmm

Love is amazing, or rather, we are amazing. We can totally live in our own little world, have endless topics to talk & joke about and laugh at each other. Even though we had plenty of arguments too, becos our character are too alike (too head strong, refused to give in), but it gets sweeter after each argument.

I'm very thankful to meet him. Sometimes, it feels too good to be true till a certain extend, I feel scared. When I feel so, I'll start pushing him away. (I want to leave, before I'm left!) But he will always hug me tighter each time. 

Thank you for loving me! Having you is truly a blessing. I don't hope for everlasting but I'll cherish all the moments we have! :) 

Yup! I miss all my friends lah! I think I've like 1 million things to tell her tomorrow. Hahaha! I've not seen her for quite some time already!!!  

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