Saturday, May 30, 2015

When are you going to wake up?

Yesterday, Raeann went to her dad's place for a "staycation". He came to pick her when we were having dinner. We = B' was around cos he bought the dinner for us. And so they met. Shortly after, I received these msgs...

Erm... I didn't reply cos I have no idea what's he talking about? I think he's crazy? He even msged my mom. (He said it's not finalised yet??? Huh?) 

Final judgement was out since early Feb. I went to hdb to submit all the documents on 11 Feb. Furthermore, we did NOT contact for quite some time already. I already have nothing to talk to him anymore.
What's there to say??? Is he dreaming or what??? Does he even know what he signed? Can he stop sleeping and stop living in his self-denial mode?
Don't tell me he forgot how he mis-treated me few days before the final judgement is out? I didn't file for PPO cos my lawyer said there's no need to as we will be officially divorced soon (then). 
My mom said he flared up cos he saw B'. But it's not my problem ah. Does it means that I need to wait for him to get attached before I can move on? 
I didn't hide the fact that I'm attached. In fact, it's all over my blog. He knew the existence of B' long ago cos he kept asking Raeann about it. So what's the problem now? 
And hor, he needs to get things very clear leh. The maintainance fee he's paying ($800) every month is for the kids and it's not even enough at all. Let me do a breakdown... 
Aunt - $400
Meimei's school fee - $250
Meimei's compulsory enrichment in school - about $100 
Raeann's school fee - $20+ 
Raeann's tuition - $300
Raeann's bus fee - $125
Pocket money + all other misc - about $100

What about food, milk powder and diaper? Their clothes, shoes and etc? Books? All these don't need money?

His $800 like very big lor. It's not that I (or B') cannot afford. But he has to know that being a "daddy" doesn't come free. He can don't pay, no issue with us at all, but don't come and disturb our life lor. 

Sorry to say but he's just plain irritating and selfish. He cannot give me happiness but he don't allow me to have happiness too. I wasn't affected lah, I find him very amusing instead. To think he even has the cheek to msg my mom to tell her. 

Hello, black and white is stated clearly already. Get things clear before spouting nonsense out of his nasty mouth lah! 

Leaving him is the best decision I've made in my entire life. Otherwise, I wouldn't have know what real happiness is.

I've now met the best man on earth. There's nothing he wouldn't do for me. 

He cook, becos he's worried I'll get hungry. He look after the kids, knowing I'm tired. He even washes our clothes, becos Mary went back to hometown. He said, "I'll help u to wash every two days ok!" And he's doing it out of love, not becos he likes to wash clothes hor. 

Who the hell love washing clothes sia? I hate it cos it makes my hand 破皮 like shit. But I can iron very well, no problem. 

Every couple should share their problems and burdens together. You know what did I get when Mary went back the previous time? 

After dinner... "Can you help me wash the dishes while I go and wash and hang our clothes?" 

"I don't know how to wash!" Phroommmmzzz... DISAPPEARED! 

So basically, I did EVERYTHING while he sleep. And then, "I sleep becos I'm very stressed up u know or not? Can you understand how stressed I am or not? I work till very tired u know or not!" 


You know, I'm not an unreasonable nor materialistic woman. I'm willing to do and give in, provided you're willing too. I've done so for many many years, received nothing except tons of excuses and shits. The day I stopped nagging/talking was the day I've given up, but nobody noticed my pain and countless disappointments.

I owe no one an explaination of my divorce becos I know I've tried my best, for the sake of my kids. I'm leaving all my blogs for them to read in future, in case they blame me one day, which I don't think they will though.

And now, I sincerely thank god for giving me this man and all the happiness bestowed on me. 


  1. Hugs. There are guys like that, it's very strange. Sometimes I wonder if the guy I know will turn out to become like your ex-husband.

  2. Hey, glad that a good man has found you. Wish you happiness

    1. :) most importantly, I've learn how to love myself. Others that come along are just "bonuses".


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