Monday, June 29, 2015

EAC's new office!

Oh yay! We have (yet again) shifted to a proper office just beside our workshop! Thanks to all the strong men in the company who did all the shifting job! I can have a proper desk now, A HUGE ONE!

Don't need to envy me, a huge desk means I've more things to handle. But I'm happy with it! Cos I finally have a proper place to work! 
6 months in this company; I forgot how many times I set up/shift office liao. 
Helped with the showroom, but end up cannot even step in now. I ish angry can. Someone acted like she's the lady boss! What a joke! So 不要脸! 

Some people really need to know where they stand leh. (Talk less and do more please!) I don't even dare to abuse any authority, and I just do my job properly. 

She wants everyone to respect her, but she's not doing anything to gain the respect. She thinks she's the oldest, we need to 敬老尊贤 issit?

Sorry ah, I think I tolerated her nonsense for too long, that's why now exploded. No need to give anymore face cos she's no longer my colleague. #thankgod

By the way... 

There's a giveaway on my FB page now! 

Let's see how's the response! ^^

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mee Hoon Kueh

Lately, I found out that many people love MHK, and they have same "requirements" as me.

Must be hand made (weird shape), machine one sucks (fixed shape). Must be q q, cannot be nua nua. Must have power chilli. 

Whenever I see MHK outside and I feel like eating, first question I'll ask is, "是不是用手拔的?" 

If no, FORGET IT. No matter how nice the soup is, or how good the chilli is, I WON'T ORDER. 

Today, Cheryl jio me out for a tea talk in the noon, and she said she wants to go home and cook MHK. My first reaction was, "WAH, u know how to cook ah??? Ok I go your house eat later!" (Very thick-skinned but it's okay. That's what real friends are! Lol) 

And so I went...


It's soooooooo good! And spot the abalone!!! My goodness! Why everyone can cook so well except me? I feel very ashamed. I only know how to eat. Lolol

Birthday love from Mummy, every year without failed. Thank you mummy! 

Long day today, left house at 9am and out all the way. Came back to shower then to Cheryl's place. With the two kids of cos! 



My girls! Have never hide the fact that they're my kids even though I'm a single mum. In fact, I'm proud to have them, but just feel very 烦 and troublesome at times, becos I can never get anything done or buy any stuffs with them around. I can only do/buy their things when they're around. So basically, it's all about them, else 我会被烦死! 

But I realised that they're still considered quite good kids (except for their 烦 & constant fights) while shopping today. 

Saw a P4 girl crying loudly and making a huge fuss over toys her mum refused to buy for her. (I knew she's P4 cos her mom talked so loudly! "You're already P4, why do you even need this?") 

Then saw another (think P1 or P2) crying and shouting at her mum or grandma at the playground. 

My girls never have the chance to do that to me. They're not gentle, not soft spoken and very naggy. But when I say no, it means no. They will ask "can I buy this?" I said no, then they will niam "why everything also cannot buy?" Then I will tell them, "you thought I print money issit?" 

Meimei will then come up with words like "my birthday, can you buy me this?" And I'll tell her, "okay, wait till your birthday then you tell me what you want ok!" And she will be fine. 

Or she will say "can you go work and earn more money then buy me this?" I said ok and she won't ask anymore. 

I'll never allow them to be rude, cry or shout at me to give in to their request. Cos it will become a habit. If they're allowed to do it when they're young, they will do it when they grow up. 

It's not easy to discipline a kid nowadays, due to alot of reasons. Peer pressure is the worst, they will compare, "why my friend's mother can do/buy for them and you cannot?" I'll tell them, "cos your friend don't call me mummy." Enough said.  

School reopening tomorrow. End of holiday, start of banning iPad, and mountains of homework. Sigh 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hai Di Lao @ IMM

Wah, I'm super emo now. 1023 1023 1023, I should have been $10k richer today. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh! But haiz, it's okay, just not my luck! :(

Dinner with family at the newly opened Hai Di Lao @ IMM just now...

Look at the crowd. I went to take queue number at 4:30pm (for 7pm) lor. And I was 11 in place. Duh!

But I was lucky! They gave me a table before mummy they all arrive! 

Daiso-ed around 90mins before that, only $48 damaged.

Though I bought $48 worth of nonsense, cos I've no idea when will I use them, but I'm very sure I'll need them one day! Lol

Someone (no idea who?) added me to the Daiso groups on FB. Many shared their amazing discoveries and creations everyday. See already very tempted lor! 

Like this staple! It can be functioned in another direction. Very useful for exercise books that dropped out! (Raeann always has this problem! Too "hardworking" I think!) Someone found it at bookstore for around $20. Daiso sells at $2 only. You say good buy or not lah! (I sibei Aunty, but I love it!) Don't say I never share har!

Soba + sauce + bowls = All from Daiso! I LOVE DAISO!!!


Aiyo, why my nephew so cute!!! He has moustache! Hahaha 

"If you have a family that love you, food on the table & roof over your head, you're richer than you think!"

Okay, FUCK THAT $10K, I'M RICH!!! 什么都没有, 只是 rich 到不行!

Friday, June 26, 2015

EAC @ Pioneer Point

Just sharing!

These two little imps have program for tomorrow morning, so they requested to stay at aunt's place for the night. And thus... 

I left office at 9pm. Settled some work & issued some cheques while waiting for my car to complete polishing. 

EAC has officially shifted out from Turf City to Pioneer Point with our own workshop to facilitate our E&G customers. This temporary office will be converted to a comfortable lounge by next month cos we took another office beside. 

More details will be provided when everything's done up nicely.

There are quite alot of things to do so I'll be at Pioneer almost everyday. Come & look for me to talk cock sing song play mahjong if you happened to be there lor. Don't worry, I'm super bad at doing sales, so I won't ask you to buy/do anything. 

I admit okay. Not like some people who are crap, but tried ways and means to justify themselves. Aiya, good or bad others can see, don't need to announce one. 

When you're nice, people will naturally come to you & intro more people to you, becos they trust you. 

Hahahaha! Always the case. *roll eyes* 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Good guy alert!

This birthday, I received many wishes from friends whom I don't really contact. I mean, I can't remember if they casually wished me on FB for the past years, but they personally PM-ed me this year...

Okay, he's 31 (tho he looks more mature), single and available, not bad looking & holds a good career (cos he's always working). I knew him for more than 10 years already, haha! (Interested party, please apply! LOL)

Apparently, I only stay in contact with friends who grew up with me. And they're quite concerned about my well-being and relationship, lolol. 

I'll not explain much about my replies to him, but it's a fact. 

Sometimes, fate likes to play jokes on people. Too much tears & damages in a r/s will become scars for life.
What will be, will be lah. 越爱越难过, 就变得没意义. Don't get me wrong, he's still the best guy I've ever met, but we met at the wrong time. We parted amicably, so there's no hard feeling. Let time heal all the pain. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hi, 31st!

A heart filled with many words I can't explain and a mind with thousand thoughts I wish I didn't have to go through. 

If there's another chance, I'll create another memory for my own, on my own. And I hope it will happen soon! :)  

Happy birthday to me! May all my wishes come true. 

Thank you for all the well wishes, may everyone be blessed with mountains of happiness too. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Oh yes!


I really have many lines and more friends of the opposite sex. Not becos I love the attention from men, neither did I do anything to "seduce" them, but becos I don't behave like a woman, lol! Not gentle towards my male friends, at all. I behave the same towards everyone. 

Many females dislike me tho (I just kinda realised it), even when I did nothing to them, lol. But I don't care, don't bother and don't give a damn, unless she stepped on my tail. Cos not as if I'll suffer from their dislike, I won't grow pimple and my hair won't drop. Lol

I'm always winning!!! :) 

Jialat, gotta wake up at 5am but I still can't sleep now. Maybe too excited! I better go & count sheeps now. 


Friday, June 19, 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015

Learn through walking...

My lil' girl is amazing!!! She accompanied me to shop at Jem after I picked her from aunt's place, took MRT (experienced peak hour crowd) and walked all the way home (about 20 mins) from Pioneer MRT, without a single complaint.

Yup, I parked my car at home, lol. I'm not crazy, I'm making her learn. Learn not to be lazy & not to take things for granted (having a car is not God's gift). 

She had a fall at the exercise station while walking home, nope, she didn't cry. I praised her for being brave, picking herself up after falling down. I told her she can't sit there and cry, cos it won't help in anything. These were the exact words I told her... 

"When you grow up, nobody will/can help you except yourself. If you fall, you must stand up even stronger. You sit there and cry, people will only laugh at you."  

Be strong and brave. Don't be a wimp who only knows how to complain about everything and everyone.

People are not obliged to be nice to you. So when you meet nice people, appreciate them. Nobody owes you a living. 

Have integrity and be responsible. Say what you mean, mean what you say. 

To all the strong women out there...

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Family Weekend!

My bro's new car, he's so freaking excited about it! But cos insurance is not activated yet, so has to park at home first. He has paid anyway. 

Today, I spent half a day rotting away with B', another half doing "pest control" with him. Lolol

Just done "steaming" the whole room, this steaming cleaner is quite fun. Our "dates" are always doing nonsense chores, but we never failed to make fun out of it. 

My very expensive surprise lunch, cos I've been telling him that I want to try "Dancing Crab". 

It's true. Cos nobody gonna love me better than him. 

And our SaturDate with the kids...


And hello... 

New bag!! :)