Friday, June 12, 2015

Be more professional leh!

I've never been in a sales job before, let alone car trade, I admit I'm a total noob at it.

But tell me, which salesperson will ask a customer to apply for loan first and if loan approved then go for test drive becos IT'S TOO TROUBLESOME TO TEST DRIVE FIRST??? 

Is she dumb? Will someone buy a pre-owned car without test drive? Or she thinks that my bro has no money to buy? That's why cannot test drive? 

As you can see from the msgs, my bro totally has no idea who is she. And he did not deliberately complain to cause her trouble. This topic was brought up becos I asked why didn't he test drive since he was there? 

Putting aside all the hatred and nonsense, becos I really don't really give a damn about her. I don't care why she is there or whatsoever, it's none of my fucking business. But if she's representing the company, make sure she do a good job. 

Well, even if it's other company/people giving such service/attitude, I'll also blog about it. Gossips spread like wildfire. Stop putting the company's reputation at stake. 

Honestly cannot believe how thick skinned she is. But like I said, that's her problem, she happy can already. I've no qualm with her being there at all, becos I simply don't give a fuck. 

Really hate problematic people. They love to make their problem the whole world's problem, as if the world only revolves around them.

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