Thursday, June 4, 2015


Wah piang! I think I'm not suitable to be a woman lor. Becos I really really hate... COOKING!!!

Cooking is so tedious, have to wash and clean up after that. Not only the dishes, stove and floor, I've to wash myself too!  

Decided to cook some porridge for dinner. Since it's a last minute decision, I just cook whatever I can find in the fridge, anyhow lah. I'm a bad cook so I won't feel upset if people don't eat, cos sometimes, I also don't dare to eat, lolol.  

Simple fare! But we prefer these than those delicacies. My mummy & Meimei love porridge! 

The 菜脯蛋 is good! My bro and SIL said the fish cake is too chao ta! Haha but hor...

My dad eat until so shiok can. Actually, I forgot he's coming back from Hatyai today. I expect him to nag and complain about the food one. But no leh, he turned out to be very supportive, hahahaha! 

He probably knows complaining is useless, cos I'll just ask him to cook himself. Aiya, actually he just dislikes lazy people, so he will always find fault with them. He saw me so hardworking cooking, washing and cleaning up, so he never nag. Lol

He bought a dress for Meimei. And he's so proud of it, cos he keep saying is very pretty ("阿公买一件很美的裙给你勒! 很美勒!")... 

Lo and behold ah! 

Erm... Hahahahaha! I commented, "so red ah? Meimei can wear for CNY!" 

Though it looks kinda orbit with a disfigured Hello Kitty, but he puts in effort ok! We don't even have it last time! And Meimei loves it leh!!!

Jialat! My toothache is so bad till I lose all my appetite. Makes me so freaking frustrated cos I cannot function properly. 

Meimei is very sweet and funny can. She went to take painkiller for me, and asked me to look after her iPad. 

First thing she ask when she comes back... 

"Did you look after my iPad?" 

I replied, "OF COS!!! I look at it every second, make sure the iPad didn't run away!" 

P/S: Mummy said the porridge all finished. Not bad! My porridge got business. Hahaha

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