Friday, June 26, 2015

EAC @ Pioneer Point

Just sharing!

These two little imps have program for tomorrow morning, so they requested to stay at aunt's place for the night. And thus... 

I left office at 9pm. Settled some work & issued some cheques while waiting for my car to complete polishing. 

EAC has officially shifted out from Turf City to Pioneer Point with our own workshop to facilitate our E&G customers. This temporary office will be converted to a comfortable lounge by next month cos we took another office beside. 

More details will be provided when everything's done up nicely.

There are quite alot of things to do so I'll be at Pioneer almost everyday. Come & look for me to talk cock sing song play mahjong if you happened to be there lor. Don't worry, I'm super bad at doing sales, so I won't ask you to buy/do anything. 

I admit okay. Not like some people who are crap, but tried ways and means to justify themselves. Aiya, good or bad others can see, don't need to announce one. 

When you're nice, people will naturally come to you & intro more people to you, becos they trust you. 

Hahahaha! Always the case. *roll eyes* 


  1. Hey I like yr spectacles! ☺

    1. Hahah, which one? All are mine. The one i'm wearing is from Aldo, got it from Zalora at a steal! =P

  2. Hi a silent reader, do your company need admin assistant? I'm currently looking out as wanna to change job so hope you don't mind I ask you? Thank you so much.

    1. May need it soon. Mind sending me your resume?


  3. Hi Joanne. Yes I have send it to your email yesterday. Still waiting for your reply to my email? Hope to receive your reply soon. Thank you so much!


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