Monday, June 29, 2015

EAC's new office!

Oh yay! We have (yet again) shifted to a proper office just beside our workshop! Thanks to all the strong men in the company who did all the shifting job! I can have a proper desk now, A HUGE ONE!

Don't need to envy me, a huge desk means I've more things to handle. But I'm happy with it! Cos I finally have a proper place to work! 
6 months in this company; I forgot how many times I set up/shift office liao. 
Helped with the showroom, but end up cannot even step in now. I ish angry can. Someone acted like she's the lady boss! What a joke! So 不要脸! 

Some people really need to know where they stand leh. (Talk less and do more please!) I don't even dare to abuse any authority, and I just do my job properly. 

She wants everyone to respect her, but she's not doing anything to gain the respect. She thinks she's the oldest, we need to 敬老尊贤 issit?

Sorry ah, I think I tolerated her nonsense for too long, that's why now exploded. No need to give anymore face cos she's no longer my colleague. #thankgod

By the way... 

There's a giveaway on my FB page now! 

Let's see how's the response! ^^

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