Monday, June 15, 2015

Learn through walking...

My lil' girl is amazing!!! She accompanied me to shop at Jem after I picked her from aunt's place, took MRT (experienced peak hour crowd) and walked all the way home (about 20 mins) from Pioneer MRT, without a single complaint.

Yup, I parked my car at home, lol. I'm not crazy, I'm making her learn. Learn not to be lazy & not to take things for granted (having a car is not God's gift). 

She had a fall at the exercise station while walking home, nope, she didn't cry. I praised her for being brave, picking herself up after falling down. I told her she can't sit there and cry, cos it won't help in anything. These were the exact words I told her... 

"When you grow up, nobody will/can help you except yourself. If you fall, you must stand up even stronger. You sit there and cry, people will only laugh at you."  

Be strong and brave. Don't be a wimp who only knows how to complain about everything and everyone.

People are not obliged to be nice to you. So when you meet nice people, appreciate them. Nobody owes you a living. 

Have integrity and be responsible. Say what you mean, mean what you say. 

To all the strong women out there...

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