Tuesday, June 2, 2015

News lidat...

I've no idea to be happy or sad? Cos he probably won't sign? Aiya, really don't know what to do with him...

And my next msg is... "I wish him well too!" I hope he can find someone who can accept him for who he is. I mean it. 

Anyway, I'll just stand and deal with anything that comes, be it good or bad. Being happy is my top choice. 

And I'm happy today...

Cos Beamer is back!!! Woohooooo! I miss the smell of it. I miss driving it. 

I dreamt of something really ridiculous that day. I dreamt that I forget how to drive due to the long hiatus. And I was going in and out, in and out just to park Beamer. Hahahaha 

It's impossible lah, cos I've been driving for the past 13 years, lolol. 

And I still got drive ah, sometimes, for the past few weeks...

This is honestly a very good car. Powerful and small, switch lanes easily. 

I drove it to meet Cheryl. I drove the two kids out for shopping. I drove it to work. And I'm lovin' it! Haha 

Don't worry Beamer, I still love you! But hor, why is your road tax so expensive huh? I got a shock when I saw the paper today. It's almost 3 times pinky's. 我的天啊! Please be good for the next one year hor!!!


  1. Don't give up. Continue to pursue what u want for the kids. I went through similar stuff like u, abusive husband, almost got PO, paid all lawyers fees to divorce him as he refused to pay a single cent co he said I was the one who wanna leave. I should pay for it. Fight for a house which he refused to let me take over. I paid for the full renovation of that house By taking a loan, and he refuses to compensate. I never regreted leaving such immature and self centred man. Now, I am happily married with lovely kids. Most importantly, a healthy family .


    1. Thank you for sharing your life with me, it mean a lot more than just encouragement. Our situation is really similar!

      Happy to hear that you've found someone better now. Continue to be as happy as you can! Stay blessed! :)


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