Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Raechelle The Vainpot

Le' sigh, received a news yesterday morning which made me look lidat...

No lah, I'm exaggerating. This expression is too epic already. Hahaha

Just wanna do a post about my lil' vainpot cos I found a lot of her photos on my phone!!! 


She's sooooo vain, I can't even. (But I was told that I was also very vain when I was young.) But too bad she didn't inherit my fair complexion leh! Raeann is fair but not photogenic. And she doesn't like to take photo too. She will just patronise me to take if I forced her to. 
Our Vesak Day @ Mr Bean's Playground! Never expect T3 to be so crowded???
Content removed cos I don't feel like reading it.

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