Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So true!!!

Hanor hanor. There's a reason why some people can only be followers and not leaders. A good leader needs to decisive and firm, becos they are the one making all the decisions and taking responsibility for it.
Some people are even worse. They want to be leader, take credit for all the good things but push responsibilities when shit happens. Sibei jialat one!
I really buay tahan the word "wait", becos I'm a 急性子. When I want it done, I want it to be done asap. And when you "wait" on me, I can "wait" even longer. Let's "wait" together lor. Don't last minute come and push me, I won't be happy to entertain you. Becos you asked me to "wait" one mah, so I "wait" lor.
While waiting, let me intro you my current favourite song...

I'm hooked on it. I want to go and learn the dance liao.
But I think if I wear lidat, my baby will faint on the spot. He will ask me to wear ALL covered up. I really bth him lor, he has issues with 95% of my clothes. Sometimes I wonder, if he's expecting me to wear like this...
*not the first pic
Then he will be happy??? Wah piang eh. Singapore very humid can!!! #whyishesoconservativesia

There's a way out though. We shall migrate to a very cold country, then I will wear all wrapped up everyday. Is there a country with cold season for the whole year round? 

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