Monday, June 8, 2015

The duo...

Gosh, my toothache almost killed me today, I've no idea how many painkillers I took. I was so desperate when I finished my painkiller till I went to google and ask around for dentist available.

Thank god for good and kind friends for giving me contacts from all sources. But I resorted to getting more and stronger painkiller instead. Cos dentist on Sunday is confirm expensive to the max. 

Fuck this nerve wrecking pain. It makes me wonder how the hell did I get decay on my tooth when I brush my teeth more than 3 times a day??? 

So, can I assume that there's no need to waste toothpaste to brush teeth at all? Brush also decay, no brush also decay, then brush for what? 

But I gained something out of this freaking toothache - I LOST WEIGHT. Cos I cannot eat at all. Any food or water that runs through causes sharp pain, so I rather don't eat. 

And actually, I'm very x 10 scare of dentist. I absolutely hate the drilling process. 

Omg, why issit so troublesome to be a human? Don't see that animals need to visit dentist? 

Wahahahahaha, I'm now visualising Bubble (the dog) seeing a dentist. I think an animal dentist will die from bites before doing anything. 

Anyway, I still managed to drive all the way to TPY to pick up the girls. 

Alexis's grandma picked her up from my place at 9+pm. So they still have that little bit of time to continue their play... You know what they played? At first, they draw and colour. Then they got bored, so they became each other's horse!!!


I was like OMG, you girls can really play with ANYTHING sia. And get soooooo happy!!! Kids; innocently contented. 

Three's a crowd! When Meimei joined in, it's really havoc! Their noise level is tok gong one! Even by climbing up and down the bed, they felt happy and laughed like mad. 

I've already reached the highest level of ignorance, despite all the noise. Too numb for words, I think. 

But it's still 6327847 times better than them hooking on gadgets. I'd prefer them to play the stuffs I played last time. 

They have grown up, to become little adults. The things they talk and discuss, you have no idea to feel shock or funny. 

And you won't know how advanced they are until they started msging you on FB. My goodness, time is ticking away too fast! No wonder there's a saying goes, "time and tide wait for no man". 

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