Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Yay to weekend staycation!

Omg, how impromptu can we be!!! Msg PY in the noon (cos Raeann said she miss Alexis) and jio her for a staycation across the custom over the weekend. She agreed within 2 hours, I've just done all the bookings! Wootz!

I asked her to pack lidat! Hahahahaha! It's high time we should gather! Don't have the chance to meet my friends after I changed job. Or maybe, after I've a bf!!! Bo bian lor, le' bf loves me so much till he needs to see me everyday. 

No matter how FAR is he, he will come all the way to me, buy me comfort food, wash clothes (hahaha), etc etc. People might think he's staying nearby only. I appreciate his effort, thank you. 

By the way, have you guys heard about the durian dessert buffet at Goodwood Park hotel? 


I swear I'm not going to eat any durian for the next 6 months, at least! 我被榴莲吓到了! It's not advisable to eat so many sweet stuffs at once. Very 腻, and I feel like vomiting. Plus, I've toothache now! Urghhh

It's not very cheap hor. About $42.50 per pax after all the tax and charges. Limited choices. I tried my best to eat more, or at least eat till $42.50, but really cannot. I felt so disgusted lor. (Their porridge buffet looks good though!) 
In my most honest and humble opinion, their dessert is popular and good but the buffet is not worth it. Becos you won't be able to eat much. And you will risk getting yourself toothache or diabetes. Then you have to pay more to visit a dentist or doctor. 
See lah, blame it on my itchy mouth, now I've to go on diet for at least 10 days. Say NO to durian!!! 

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