Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Walao. Sometimes, being lazy is not a bad thing.

This morning, I was too "hardworking" and free, so I took photos of my MCM bag as there are buyers asking for it. Wanted to sell cos I've no use for it. I barely used it. It was kept inside wardrobe for more than a year already. Look as good as new.

While taking the photos, I spotted a small, very very very small dot on it, which is not visible at all. I gei kiang took every possible stuffs to clean it. And it became a stain now. FML FML FML

I had to sell $50 cheaper due to the stain. Or I've to bring it to color restoration at bag spa. TMD. If only I was lazier, I don't have to lose $50. WHY I SO IDIOT?! :(


I sponsored TWO customised clocks for EAC lounge and office. 美不美?
Already have an idea of what to do with our mini lounge, can't wait to see the final result. There will be a kids' (below 6) corner specially catered for busy parents. Do not worry about having to leave your little kids at home just becos your 2nd wife needs maintenance. You can have the best of both world now.
As for the wife/gf, I do understand the agony of staying in the workshop to wait. Therefore, do not worry, I'll make it very comfortable for you too! :)
O'rite, I'll keep you guys updated! Bring your car for servicing ok?? Promotion going on now...
EAC @ Garage
5 Soon Lee Street
#06-10/11 Pioneer Point
Singapore 627607
Remember to book your appointment first! :)

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