Friday, July 24, 2015

EAC's Exclusive Lounge

Sorry, haven't been feeling well lately, which explained the lack of blogging. It's not only blogging actually, I simply have no mood for anything, at all. My Chanel bag is still inside the paper bag and it's still lying on the floor. Yup, that's how restless and lethargic I am. Overworked I think, ahahahahaha!

Anyway, the lounge is 95% ready (lacked of some display, cos I still didn't manage to find those that suits the theme, a hot drinks machine, a clock, a coffee table + magazine rack, cups & etc, already ordered, waiting for delivery), LIKE FINALLY HOR! But it's lidat de lah, slowly add in lor.

If you're on EAC's FB page, you probably have seen the short clip of the lounge.

I'm going to post photos here too! So excited! (This lounge is my heart, mind and sweat ok!)


"Oh yay! Our lounge is ready! Visit our workshop for your car servicing/repairs (we do diagnostic test too) and enjoy all the facilities! Bring your little ones along, we are sure they will love it here! Call 9657 3032 to book your appointment now! See you around!"

I just topped up some snacks and titbits.

Extracted from the FB's post. Booking of appointment is advisable becos we are really packed almost everyday. Tomorrow is Saturday and is supposed to be half day, but we have 5 appointments (at different timing of cos). I asked my colleague not to take in anymore appointment and push it to next week instead. That's how busy we are, but it's a good sign. Keep the cars coming in.

P/S: Servicing (ONLY) will take about 45 mins to an hour.

Reasonable price guaranteed.

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