Friday, July 3, 2015

Farewell LCCS

Tendered my resignation with LCCS today & my last day is on 31st July 2015. A sincere thank you to everyone in LCCS for the past 6 months.

It wasn't easy asking for donations and sponsorships, I've to put down all my pride to contact all my relatives and friends to/and ask for more contacts, which I'll never do so in the past cos I don't like to owe people favours. Trust me, I've never sent out so many emails before. Getting rejected is another issue.

However, I've learnt how a VWO works and how realistic the corporate world is. You can't expect anything from them unless you give them something in return, or they truly believe and support in what you're doing. 

Fund raising is a very difficult job. You have to put in a lot of hard work constantly to gain awareness, to let people know about you and what you're doing, to let people believe in you and of cos, support you. 

You can't just sit there and expect donations to flow in when you're not doing anything. To sustain a VWO, you need to have strong supporters & plenty of donations. 

I've mentioned before, doing a business in SG is very stupid due to high rental and labour fee. Overheads will be higher than revenues. (Unless you're very very famous or have plenty of funds lah!) 

How many companies have closed down during the past few years? Quite a lot I must say, due to cash flow problem. 

I hope LCCS won't face this problem and they will grow stronger as they grow older. All the best! :) 

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