Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mason Mugs Giveaway

Wow, this is crazy! I'm shocked by the responses! So many people love the mug huh! In fact, I love it too, that's why I bought 24 pcs at one shot and leave at a corner to rot. 

I think I'll have good business selling mugs, lolol.
47 participants, 8 more days till giveaway ends. I'll choose more than 2 winners if there are more than 60 participants. Winners will be chosen via Google widget, it's a fair game, no bias one hor.
Anyway, I'm sick again. I blamed my boss for giving me too much work, busy until cannot. 
But it's good to see people working towards the same goal, wanting the best for the company.
I'm dozing off after medication. Good night @ 6:26pm. 

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