Friday, July 17, 2015


No idea how to title this post cos I've too many things to update!!!


This sms (followed by an email) came as a shock. My online "resume" was crap. All my answers were either one sentence or blank. I applied for fun lah, cos I don't think they will shortlist a 31 year old aunty leh. How ah? 我应该去吗? 

2) I've turned into a karung guni lately, everyday searching for good and cheap pre-loved office/lounge stuffs (must be in ultra good condition though). Show you my best buys from Carousell. 

Whole set $70 only and it's so comfortable! The seller is a nice chap, thanks for reserving it for me!

This A3 laminate machine + 50-60 pcs of laminate pouch costed only $15! Haha, I keep looking around for things to laminate!!

Brand new A4 photo frame @ 5 for $18 plus delivery to Pioneer mrt. Don't know what they earn sia. Think I better go buy more before out of stock. Cos we will need it...

Sample certificates for cars that went through our thorough diagnostic test (yes, we have two KTS diagnostic machines) and dealers who collaborated with us. My another boss is very serious in his checks, he even prepared a checklist lor. So if a car has this certificate from us, it means that the car has no problem. And the car is being warranted by us on it's gearbox and engine. Any repairs or replacement on these two parts will solely be covered during the warranty period. HOWEVER, servicing and (any other) repairs have to be done at our garage ONLY during the warranty period otherwise, warranty void. 

You know why? 

Becos some workshops/garages are crap. Who knows they are the one who damaged your parts and we have to be responsible for it? Is my explanation clear enough? 

Our VERY cozy (first kids-friendly garage lounge in Singapore) lounge is almost done! Customer's kids has already started playing with the toys. Haha 

The lounge is specially catered for all our customers. Even when you spend $5 to change a bulb, you can enjoy all the facilities too. 

Servicing at $68 (4L engine oil) for Asian cars and $98 (4L engine oil) promotion is still on! Book your appointment now! We provide car rental too! :) 

EAC @ Garage
5 Soon Lee Street 
#06-10 Pioneer Point 
Singapore 627607

3) Hello...

New bag! :) I love you to the moon and back. 

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