Thursday, July 9, 2015

Exclusive lounge in progress!

We have a new friend! 


Often being asked, "what are you working as?" Honestly, I've no idea. As a sustainablity project executive in LCCS, but I'm leaving soon. Sometimes an admin/accounts/HR, sometimes a salesperson (quite a failed one though), sometimes a purchaser, sometimes a marketing exec, sometimes a driver, sometimes a blogger, sometimes a bird keeper and sometimes, a painter... 

Whahahahahah! Who wanna employ me? I can do a lot of things ok! Wash toilet, sweep floor, wash aircon etc, 包山包海. Salary must $5k & above. Lol

Everyone in EAC is so busy. One of our sales team just gotten a big contract (congrats!), appointment for garage is very packed tomorrow and will be packed from now onwards. (Remember to book your servicing appointment early yeah?)

And I'm very very busy setting up our Exclusive Lounge! Sourcing everywhere for stuffs we need. I want to get it done asap! 

  Thanks EAC's boys for helping! 

Everyone's working real hard! 加油! Prove to those who (once) looked down on us that we can make it! We will make it! When people can't wait to watch us fall, we must stand up even stronger. Sweetest revenge in the world! 

I'm so tired now! Another long day tomorrow! Good night all!

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