Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Cheeky Baby


Though I highly suspect it's from him and he did accidentally "laugh" at my fearful expression, but his VERY straight face is very convincing. Tmd! 
Sending flowers is not his style actually. 

Yes, we were together for the whole day, EVERYDAY. But he "disappeared" for awhile when we brought Meimei to the doctor this afternoon. He said he went to the toilet. So I didn't suspect anything. 
Erm okay, it's a successful "surprise", sweet yet scary. 

I'm scare becos I don't wish to upset him. It's my way of respecting him and cherishing us.

Friday, August 28, 2015

When a female shops...

TB is very additive. You will unknowingly add add add, until you can't even remember what you buy. Hahaha. But actually hor, in this package, 50% are for the Company, 50% for the kids, 0% for myself. It's true. 

The pwettyyyy coffee table has finally arrived. It's so pretty cos I fixed it myself. Lol. $71 btw. The lounge is finally completed! I lurve it so much!!!


More goodie bag stuffs! Wahahahaha 

All done separately. I ish very got heart hor.

I design, print, laminate and cut out 50 pcs birthday tags. (B helped me to cut some lah!) 

I think nobody puts in so much efforts (and money) on goodie bags like me.

My girls said they now have "the best wallet in the whole Kingdom". LOLOL

Think I didn't mention before, I actually super hate Minecraft cos Raeann always watch it on YouTube but all I heard was a man niam keng all the way. NON STOP. It's damn irritating. 

However, I don't stop my kids from what they like, as long as it's not illegal/bad/harmful. I'm not an unreasonable person. 

No matter what, I only want them to be happy. Happy kids grow up to be happy adults! 

Hope all the kids will be happy upon receiving the goodie bags! I spent about $400 ONLY on goodie bags lor. Lol

Thursday, August 27, 2015

When he really loves you...

No idea why my body became so weak lately. I fell sick again two days ago. And I mean, fever + cough = a strengthless body. Nope, it's not due to toothache this time round.

And you know... 

It's really sweet to receive such msgs in my drowsy state. But it's even sweeter when I opened my eyes in the middle of the night, someone came to check out on me, touching my forehead and etc. Becos I didn't reply him and he got worried. 

All these sweet little gestures melt heart, better than any expensive gifts, in my opinion. It's nice to know that you're very important to someone, and that person can't live without you. Likewise for you. 

When someone really loves you, he put you above anything and anyone else, even himself. You will know it, you will. 

But actually, I gave in a lot too hor. Don't make me angry lah. When I'm angry, I'm really stubborn, nothing gets into my head. 

Anyway, I've been doing PLENTY of online shopping lately. I buy until I forgot what I bought, can you imagine? Mostly for the two kiddos. Many clothes for them, their birthday gifts and goodie bags stuffs plus some other nonsense lah. Haha 
Life is so contradicting. Last time, got time but no money. Now I'm earning more, but I've no time to go out. So I do online shopping lor!

Well, I spent quite a lot on their goodie bags! I love gifting actually. It feels good to see people happy!

Meimei's. $4.80 to customise one. PY said I print money, lolol. Luckily she only has 20 classmates (but I ordered 25), hahaha! 

Then, I also bought nonsense like this...


Trying to act like a pro! Lol

Gifts for their teachers for Teacher's Day. 

But now, this whole thing is being chuck aside becos my camera's charger spoil, I can't use the camera cos no battery. Tmd. 

I feel like taking up photography leh cos I like to take photos. But picking up a hobby is not cheap and photography is an expensive hobby. 

Nope, I do not have any hobby. My only hobby is shopping; buying bags, lolol. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Yah lah!

Something I don't do, not even on my photos.
Becos it's a joke. KA KI GONG, KA KI SONG. You must be mad lonely.

I see files and papers until I'm going to faint. I MUST SORT THEM OUT. I see so messy I ish very the pekchek.
On a side note, received a little "surprise" yesterday! :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Watch EAC grow!

There was a time, when people said that EAC won't make it, BUT WE DID!!!

Sincerely thank all our supporters here! Without you, we won't be able to make it this far, thank you for trusting us.  

But of cos, teamwork plays a big part. Everyone need to play their role well. 大家都辛苦了! But it's gonna be the beginning of another battle soon. I foresee MOREEE work! 加油!


Never knew that I'm strong at backend support, very sick of office bounded job too. Even though sales is not my forte, I wanted to give it a try so much. Sigh

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Try to see it my way.

She said all her classmates said I look very young and pretty, lolol. Thank you ah, this year Raeann's birthday goodie bag give you all nicer stuffs, haha.  

Took leave for two days cos I don't feel like working. I need some time alone, to think about something properly. I need a break (holiday), anyone wants to go Maldives with me? Becos hor, it's cheaper for two to go, tmd. Think becos it's meant to be a honeymoon island. ONLY lovers go there, and not many people had the chance to go. Some things are fated, sometimes it's just not meant to be.

My car is sick, at the clinic now. Sian! 

Aunt called and tell me she's gonna invite the ex to my cousin's wedding cos she paiseh. My first reaction, "huh? Invite him for what?" 

But I don't think I've the right to say no cos it's not even my "big day". So I said, "put further apart, best is one front and one back." It's just feel so awkward and weird. Best is, he don't turn up lah!



"I'm fine."

Let it go...

No. Never change becos of anyone. The right person will love you just the way you are. 

P/S: Anyone's company looking for Sales & Marketing staff? Let me know. Thanks! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

★Perfect Skin★ One Shot Cover Stick Foundation SPF50 PA++

Last week, I saw this video on FB...

天啊!韩国get it beauty 节目都介绍!!红遍全韩国智孝粉底!防水控制,遮瑕超棒!快看示范影片!!韩国女星用眼线笔画在脸上都能用粉底遮掉!!马上透亮了!!韓國最新爆款 智孝粉底现货在韩国两天卖了80000只创下新纪录~~Perfect Skin One Shot Stick Foundation SPF 50+ PA+++ 三合一完美遮蓋粉刷 粉條(粉底 + 防曬 + 遮瑕)是韓國No.1星級Jenny House"自家出品,一開賣受到好多韓星的熱烈追捧 ,1支stick粉底即可代替底霜,防曬,粉底3個步驟。~一邊粉底 另一邊是粉底掃 ~ 粉底為雙圈設計 ~ 外圍是保濕粉底 內圈是修護精華!~而粉底掃用15度角設計 用起来特別顺手~~这一枝粉底是4 IN 1功能令化妝步驟簡單化~ 早上做工省掉了不少時間!~4 in 1 包括保濕精華->粉底->遮瑕->防曬~只要在脸上畫幾筆 , 再用掃blend開就可以~快速打好底之餘 遮瑕度夠 ~整个妝看起来又貼又薄21色 - 亮膚色 (適合較白膚色)23色 - 自然色
Posted by Kim ace shop on Friday, 29 May 2015
 I was like "WAH, where can I buy this!!!" Then I found it on Qoo10, at a very amazing price, only $16.90! I thought it will be around $40. Without any hesitation, I bought it immediately.

[S$16.90][Jenny House][SkinTalk] Best Seller! Hot in Korea~★Perfect Skin★ One Shot Cover Stick Foundation SPF50 PA ! Korean artists Ceramic Skin Make-up Secret ! Must Buy!
Received it in my mailbox yesterday.
P/S: It's 100% authentic from Korea. And Koreans are into Ulzzang makeup, which is more natural and light. So, if you are one who is into heavy makeup, everyday must draw like perform opera or go clubbing, you will not like this.

I love how compact and sleek the packaging is. Convenient to bring it around.

It's super easy to use too! Just 'gor' it all over your face, but don't 'gor' too much lah.

Then use this brush to blend. The brush is damn soft.
I encountered a small problem though. I've no idea if there is a need for another layer of sheer loose powder after blending? (Anyone knows?) The video didn't show and I don't know how to read. So I assume there is no need? But then hor, it's kinda sticky leh. Or it's supposed to be lidat? So that the face will look glossy? If that's the case, I'd prefer to apply sheer loose powder over it. Don't like the 'niam niam' feel leh.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Because, I'm worth a lot!


She hit the nail on the head. 

"I have no problem being submissive, he just have to be worthy."

And to those idiot men who think every woman is only after your money... Hahaha

Many women are capable to earn MORE than you now. 

By thinking or saying this will only reflect on how low grade you are. You're one of the reason why many women choose to be "better off alone". 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Look good, feel good.

It's been a long time since I last saw... FRINGE!!! Thanks Bliss Salon for fixing my tress! 

Today, I've the chance to "enjoy" some ME time cos the kids went out with their dad. So I decided to make myself prettier. Very sick of my hair, need a change! 

Then, people have been telling me that I look rounder now. Hahaha, I don't deny that but I've confidence to slim down. Gimme one month! 

Too 放纵 during the past two months liao, eating and sleeping non stop. I've no idea why did I become so cannot be bothered. Time for some exercise! Woohoo

Btw, I found out the cause of my toothache already. It's caused by my hidden wisdom tooth. Duh!

Maybe used too much brain juice lately, and got wiser, thus wisdom tooth also got activated. (HA HA HA) 

Thinking if I should go for the surgery? I'm scare leh. 

Have been relying on painkiller every time the pain comes becos it's totally unbearable & keep causing fever. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I LOL-ed when I saw this.

Nuff' said.
I'm thankful to be stronger than anyone thought.
I'm also grateful to the people I've met, that brings me to where I am today. But now, MY CB TOOTHACHE IS BACK AGAIN AND I'M SO IRRITATED BY IT TILL I FEEL LIKE KILLING SOMEONE. I've no idea where is the cause of the toothache, went to the dentist but he said there's no decay. But it's pain to the nerve. PEKCHEK MAX. (Just popped Panadol, buay tahan!)
So long didn't take selfie liao, no time and no mood. Now that I'm quite free... Not bad leh, my office lighting, first time taking selfie here. I think I can start taking in adverts and reviews again. I rejected MANY ever since I started my new job cos I really have no time to do. I don't want to anyhow do and spoil my own reputation lah. Got integrity one ok!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

I'm going to...


Oops, sorry, is cook.

Not bad hor. 

We will have difficulty to sleep tonight becos three of us napped for very long. Hahaha 

This is funny. Hahahahaha 

Btw guys... Wonder if you know this beauty blogger (bubzbeauty) from HK? She's running a fund raising campaign now. 

100% of all profit will be donated to build schools for children in Laos. Most people have soft spot when it comes to children (and old folks) and yes...

I bought it too! It's about SG$68.21 including shipping. Ok wad. You get a sweater plus do charity at the same time. In fact, even if the sweater don't reach me, I think it will slip my mind too. Cos my main motive is not to buy the sweater mah, but 1) to support bubz and 2) to build schools for children. 

Let's take this chance (National Day) to remind ourselves how fortunate we are, as compared to those people in very super poor countries.

Your $68.21 will make a vast difference.