Saturday, August 8, 2015

I'm going to...


Oops, sorry, is cook.

Not bad hor. 

We will have difficulty to sleep tonight becos three of us napped for very long. Hahaha 

This is funny. Hahahahaha 

Btw guys... Wonder if you know this beauty blogger (bubzbeauty) from HK? She's running a fund raising campaign now. 

100% of all profit will be donated to build schools for children in Laos. Most people have soft spot when it comes to children (and old folks) and yes...

I bought it too! It's about SG$68.21 including shipping. Ok wad. You get a sweater plus do charity at the same time. In fact, even if the sweater don't reach me, I think it will slip my mind too. Cos my main motive is not to buy the sweater mah, but 1) to support bubz and 2) to build schools for children. 

Let's take this chance (National Day) to remind ourselves how fortunate we are, as compared to those people in very super poor countries.

Your $68.21 will make a vast difference.

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