Saturday, August 15, 2015

Look good, feel good.

It's been a long time since I last saw... FRINGE!!! Thanks Bliss Salon for fixing my tress! 

Today, I've the chance to "enjoy" some ME time cos the kids went out with their dad. So I decided to make myself prettier. Very sick of my hair, need a change! 

Then, people have been telling me that I look rounder now. Hahaha, I don't deny that but I've confidence to slim down. Gimme one month! 

Too 放纵 during the past two months liao, eating and sleeping non stop. I've no idea why did I become so cannot be bothered. Time for some exercise! Woohoo

Btw, I found out the cause of my toothache already. It's caused by my hidden wisdom tooth. Duh!

Maybe used too much brain juice lately, and got wiser, thus wisdom tooth also got activated. (HA HA HA) 

Thinking if I should go for the surgery? I'm scare leh. 

Have been relying on painkiller every time the pain comes becos it's totally unbearable & keep causing fever. 

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