Sunday, August 2, 2015

Noodle overdosed!

Went in to JB to get some necessities becos well, it's cheaper there. Shun, whom is EAC's mechanic (well, I treated him like a little brother though I don't really know how to intro him to others.) brought us around cos he's a Malaysian.

He's only 21, but he's very hardworking and willing to learn. I like his working attitude. And he has proven that MATURITY DOESN'T GROWS WITH AGE. It's the people you mix with, your mindset, determination and attitude. 

How sad it is when you're already "no longer young" but your maturity level is worse than a 21 year old. #punintended

It's okay if you wish to continue living lidat, it's your life anyway. But don't take people as a fool ok? People gave in not becos they're scare of you (and your nonsense), but becos they have much more better things to do than to waste time on idiots like you. 


We had two rounds of dinner at JB's popular noodle house today. All intro-ed and brought there by Shun. (He said he needs an Engrish name, and named himself "Kentucky Shun".) 

Full die us. 很多很多面,吃到饱死,饱到要死,连夜宵都一起吃下去。(Music of "很爱很爱你" by 刘若英.) 

Then nvm. Kentucky Shun intro-ed us to a very popular, nice and inexpensive cake house - Moonlight Cakehouse. 

WALAO EH. THIS IS SO DAMN GOOD CAN. Mount Fuji Cake at only RM15.90! I want to go in and buy 10 boxes and share with everyone, hahaha! 

Wanted to put 100 boxes at first. But that means it's 600 pcs of cakes. Hahaha 吃到吐. 

Think Kentucky Shun is quite shocked and scared of us. The way we order food is... ridiculous. Comes to food, bo gei gao one! 

We actually wanted to visit his mom at Pontian (to let her feel safe and know that her son is in good hands) but it's not early liao, the kids are waiting for me at home. Another day lor! 

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