Tuesday, August 18, 2015

★Perfect Skin★ One Shot Cover Stick Foundation SPF50 PA++

Last week, I saw this video on FB...

天啊!韩国get it beauty 节目都介绍!!红遍全韩国智孝粉底!防水控制,遮瑕超棒!快看示范影片!!韩国女星用眼线笔画在脸上都能用粉底遮掉!!马上透亮了!!韓國最新爆款 智孝粉底现货在韩国两天卖了80000只创下新纪录~~Perfect Skin One Shot Stick Foundation SPF 50+ PA+++ 三合一完美遮蓋粉刷 粉條(粉底 + 防曬 + 遮瑕)是韓國No.1星級Jenny House"自家出品,一開賣受到好多韓星的熱烈追捧 ,1支stick粉底即可代替底霜,防曬,粉底3個步驟。~一邊粉底 另一邊是粉底掃 ~ 粉底為雙圈設計 ~ 外圍是保濕粉底 內圈是修護精華!~而粉底掃用15度角設計 用起来特別顺手~~这一枝粉底是4 IN 1功能令化妝步驟簡單化~ 早上做工省掉了不少時間!~4 in 1 包括保濕精華->粉底->遮瑕->防曬~只要在脸上畫幾筆 , 再用掃blend開就可以~快速打好底之餘 遮瑕度夠 ~整个妝看起来又貼又薄21色 - 亮膚色 (適合較白膚色)23色 - 自然色
Posted by Kim ace shop on Friday, 29 May 2015
 I was like "WAH, where can I buy this!!!" Then I found it on Qoo10, at a very amazing price, only $16.90! I thought it will be around $40. Without any hesitation, I bought it immediately.

[S$16.90][Jenny House][SkinTalk] Best Seller! Hot in Korea~★Perfect Skin★ One Shot Cover Stick Foundation SPF50 PA ! Korean artists Ceramic Skin Make-up Secret ! Must Buy!
Received it in my mailbox yesterday.
P/S: It's 100% authentic from Korea. And Koreans are into Ulzzang makeup, which is more natural and light. So, if you are one who is into heavy makeup, everyday must draw like perform opera or go clubbing, you will not like this.

I love how compact and sleek the packaging is. Convenient to bring it around.

It's super easy to use too! Just 'gor' it all over your face, but don't 'gor' too much lah.

Then use this brush to blend. The brush is damn soft.
I encountered a small problem though. I've no idea if there is a need for another layer of sheer loose powder after blending? (Anyone knows?) The video didn't show and I don't know how to read. So I assume there is no need? But then hor, it's kinda sticky leh. Or it's supposed to be lidat? So that the face will look glossy? If that's the case, I'd prefer to apply sheer loose powder over it. Don't like the 'niam niam' feel leh.

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