Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Super duper touchy!

I don't see the need to respect people who don't respect me. If I have the ability to "get" something, I've the ability to screw it up too. You can, by all means, delete the email account, which in fact makes me happier. But just to let you know that you have deleted all the email records from... erm... EVERYONE.
Thank you for letting me OFFICIALLY wash my hands off everything. But if there's any cock up, don't push the blame to me ok? 
I didn't reply to any of the previous messages becos YOU PEOPLE CANNOT MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND. One moment this, another moment that. And I did not send any email becos I need to wait for the FINAL decision, just so I do not have to keep "asking for more" in every of my email. They are not Pepsi.

And oh, do I need to JUSTIFY every single time on every single thing? 

You know what's the problem with some people? The things they should do, they don't do. But they picked on all the minor things to kpo. 

Okay, I finished ranting. 

Attended Konica Minolta event this afternoon at Raffles Ballroom. Met up with Celine, their marketing manager, intro-ed by my bro. (I wanna thank her personally for always entertaining me!) 

Looks like they see my bro very up becos he's the top sales (reminded by him every time, hahaha). I'm glad he's doing well and I hope he will continue to strive in his career. 

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