Thursday, August 20, 2015

Try to see it my way.

She said all her classmates said I look very young and pretty, lolol. Thank you ah, this year Raeann's birthday goodie bag give you all nicer stuffs, haha.  

Took leave for two days cos I don't feel like working. I need some time alone, to think about something properly. I need a break (holiday), anyone wants to go Maldives with me? Becos hor, it's cheaper for two to go, tmd. Think becos it's meant to be a honeymoon island. ONLY lovers go there, and not many people had the chance to go. Some things are fated, sometimes it's just not meant to be.

My car is sick, at the clinic now. Sian! 

Aunt called and tell me she's gonna invite the ex to my cousin's wedding cos she paiseh. My first reaction, "huh? Invite him for what?" 

But I don't think I've the right to say no cos it's not even my "big day". So I said, "put further apart, best is one front and one back." It's just feel so awkward and weird. Best is, he don't turn up lah!

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