Friday, August 28, 2015

When a female shops...

TB is very additive. You will unknowingly add add add, until you can't even remember what you buy. Hahaha. But actually hor, in this package, 50% are for the Company, 50% for the kids, 0% for myself. It's true. 

The pwettyyyy coffee table has finally arrived. It's so pretty cos I fixed it myself. Lol. $71 btw. The lounge is finally completed! I lurve it so much!!!


More goodie bag stuffs! Wahahahaha 

All done separately. I ish very got heart hor.

I design, print, laminate and cut out 50 pcs birthday tags. (B helped me to cut some lah!) 

I think nobody puts in so much efforts (and money) on goodie bags like me.

My girls said they now have "the best wallet in the whole Kingdom". LOLOL

Think I didn't mention before, I actually super hate Minecraft cos Raeann always watch it on YouTube but all I heard was a man niam keng all the way. NON STOP. It's damn irritating. 

However, I don't stop my kids from what they like, as long as it's not illegal/bad/harmful. I'm not an unreasonable person. 

No matter what, I only want them to be happy. Happy kids grow up to be happy adults! 

Hope all the kids will be happy upon receiving the goodie bags! I spent about $400 ONLY on goodie bags lor. Lol

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