Thursday, August 27, 2015

When he really loves you...

No idea why my body became so weak lately. I fell sick again two days ago. And I mean, fever + cough = a strengthless body. Nope, it's not due to toothache this time round.

And you know... 

It's really sweet to receive such msgs in my drowsy state. But it's even sweeter when I opened my eyes in the middle of the night, someone came to check out on me, touching my forehead and etc. Becos I didn't reply him and he got worried. 

All these sweet little gestures melt heart, better than any expensive gifts, in my opinion. It's nice to know that you're very important to someone, and that person can't live without you. Likewise for you. 

When someone really loves you, he put you above anything and anyone else, even himself. You will know it, you will. 

But actually, I gave in a lot too hor. Don't make me angry lah. When I'm angry, I'm really stubborn, nothing gets into my head. 

Anyway, I've been doing PLENTY of online shopping lately. I buy until I forgot what I bought, can you imagine? Mostly for the two kiddos. Many clothes for them, their birthday gifts and goodie bags stuffs plus some other nonsense lah. Haha 
Life is so contradicting. Last time, got time but no money. Now I'm earning more, but I've no time to go out. So I do online shopping lor!

Well, I spent quite a lot on their goodie bags! I love gifting actually. It feels good to see people happy!

Meimei's. $4.80 to customise one. PY said I print money, lolol. Luckily she only has 20 classmates (but I ordered 25), hahaha! 

Then, I also bought nonsense like this...


Trying to act like a pro! Lol

Gifts for their teachers for Teacher's Day. 

But now, this whole thing is being chuck aside becos my camera's charger spoil, I can't use the camera cos no battery. Tmd. 

I feel like taking up photography leh cos I like to take photos. But picking up a hobby is not cheap and photography is an expensive hobby. 

Nope, I do not have any hobby. My only hobby is shopping; buying bags, lolol. 


  1. Hi Joanne, can you please share the link for the lightings? Thanks


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