Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A little bit more about EAC!

Sorry, bear with me, I'm so in love with my job, I need to talk about it every time. LOL

And so, we celebrated Kentucky Shun's 21st last night, some of my colls couldn't make it though.

I was being stopped to buy 21 cakes, cos NOBODY LIKES TO EAT CAKE, and thus a small one.
I told my boss the other day... Do you know that The Lounge is my MOST accomplished task in EAC? I take care of it like my own house, becos I built it. Other than the computer and copier machine, the rest of the items are painstakingly sourced by yours truly. And so, I feel extremely happy whenever people praised the lounge.
Yes, I do have a few customers telling me, "wow, I like this place, it feels like home" or something similar, asking me why do I have this idea?
Hmm, becos I put myself in others' shoe, that's all. I believe that no parents like cranky and noisy kids.

Yes, I'm here almost everyday, my girls will be here almost every Saturday too, unless I'm sick or I've something on. If not, I'll always try to appear. Becos hor, the guys will mess up all my invoices. Aiyoyo

I love my job becos I get to meet many different kind of people everyday. The good ones, the nasty ones, the CB ones, high flyers, govt officers, designers etc etc.

And I get to buy things (designer sunglass in the photo) at a steal!!! Sponsored by company, since the boss asked me to choose it? Haaa... I've been buying so many shades lately, I don't really need it, so I just anyhow choose one.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last Birthday of September!

21st Birthday is one of the most significant day in one's life. The day when you receive your "golden key" and stretch out your wings to "fly" and "blossom". Can no longer be a mummy boy/girl. Our youngest mechanic can't go home to celebrate with his family. He didn't mention about taking leave at all leh. So we will do a close door celebration for him later.
Can I assume that I'll be seeing the last birthday cake for September this year? LOL I'm still very very unwell lor, but becos it's so important I cannot miss the celebration. I'm going to JP to buy him 21 birthday cakes later, hahaha!

B is extremely hardworking out of sudden. He worked till about 5am this morning cos he just gotten a new job order... But I received these msgs from 7-9:19am!

He reads my blog! Hahaha! In fact, I know that many people are reading it lor!

Kenneth called me last night & said, "Wah u quite popular one leh". Hahaha, he went to his customer's place to fix aircon and that customer happens to be my blog reader, she saw his photos on my blog before. Lol! Kenneth said she really trust me a lot. (I'm happy to hear that!)
Well, I don't know who are you but a big HELLO to you! Thank you for reading this aunty's blog and trusting my words! Come to EAC @ Garage (Pioneer Point) for your car servicing/repairs and I'll give you discount ok? :)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Our SunDate


Nothing much. Just playing what kids should play. Then brought them for a hair cut. Meimei suddenly wants to cut her hair and was very firm on it.  

Her decisive-ness scared me, lol. Her no means no, you won't be able to bribe her one. 

She happily tell me that everyone said her new hairstyle is so ugly. Hahaha she's really one of a kind, bo chup to the max. (She think it's nice and didn't regret at all!)

Played with Anders a little too. He's omg active, just like Raeann when she was a baby. Can never keep still for more than 3 mins (unless eating) and when carried, will twist and turn everywhere. Look after him can slim down, I swear. Lol

New items added to the lounge... Got the glass (biscuits) container from Daiso! So worth for $2 lor! I always tell B... "WAH B, THIS IS BEST BUY!" Then he said, "but you have many best buys leh!" I THINK SO TOO! Lol

I think my flat lay skill improved! Haha! This photo consists most of my favourite things. 

It's so much easier to take photos with the concealed backdrop. I got it from Groupon by the way but I'm not sure if it's still available now! 

I always post my belongings/experiences just becos I'm not selfish? I'm sharing? No intention to "show off" in any ways becos I've nothing to show anyway. LOL

When people asked "where did you buy this?" or "how much you bought that?", I've never failed to reply, unless I missed your msg. Becos I only want to share, no other motive.
You wouldn't like it if I kpkb or complain every time right? So negative lor! If you realised, I seldom seldom complain now, not on my blog, neither in real life. Cos I find complaining very useless. You're in charge of your own life, to be happy or sad, is a choice. 

Raeann was so upset over someone who spoke ill of me. I can understand how she feels becos if someone were to speak bad of my mom, I'll also get angry. (I was angry at first too, not becos of what she told me. Rather becos I hope that person won't act nice to me in future. Cos I wouldn't know how to react? Haha) 
I've no problem facing "ugly" truths, but I've a huge problem facing hypocrites. 

B told me 80% of humans are hypocrites in this world. I can't don't agree now. Being stubbornly think that when I'm nice to people, people will be nice to me too, IS STUPID. They might be nice lah, but behind your back, wah, you won't believe what they say about you. 

Then again, you cannot control other's mouth. You can only control your own reaction. When you calm down and think, you will find it amusing becos those people who spoke ill of you usually don't mean anything to you. They don't know you well enough not to judge. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

While le man is working...

I'm waffle-ing. I just left Pioneer after clearing all the invoices cos I'm really unwell. But Meimei said she wants to come to Kidz Amaze. Well, they have been "stuck" at Pioneer with me almost every Saturday. It's only fair I give them some "leisure" once in awhile. 

Meimei is a simple & easily contented kid. She only requested to come for the Free Play (corner). That's why despite feeling very unwell, I tried to give in, becos she's such a darling. 

Raeann went to her father's place yesterday. I asked Meimei why she didn't follow... She replied, "cos I love to stick to you, I must stick to you." Lol

Anyway, I wish to dedicate this post to B and all the hardworking men/daddies out there... 

Men who are able to take tough and hard work are the most charming, especially those who do without complaining. 
My dad is one, even though he has so many flaws, I still respect him a lot. Becos of his hardworking-ness and my mum's capability, I'm able to live well. Not rich but I need not worry about my next meal or roof over my head.

P/S: We left Kidz Amaze shortly after Meimei finished her food, cos I really cannot liao. And on the way home, she said, "today I've so much fun with my friends (kids she knew from Kidz Amaze), thank you mummy!" That's how sweet she is! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Fuck the haze lah!

I'm sick again. Now my nose like spoilt tap, cannot close. Voice changed. One year must sick how many times??? FML

But I'm quite happy today... As in, mood quite good. Don't know why? Maybe cos very busy? Lol

My long time friend brought his newly bought BMW 335i for full servicing + repairs + warranty this morning. So to thank him for trusting me/us...

I'm giving him one of this! Which I'm also selling it on my FB page now. I bought it last time for my customer lah (from my own pocket hor). Then I ordered extras cos I thought I can sell more BMW, hahaha! 

I only like to sell BMW (Suzuki Swift also can, how are you my Pinky?) cos I'm familiar with it now and I won't give wrong info (hopefully). Like example, how to open the petrol cap thing? I asked this lame question when I first got this car cos I searched high and low for that "button". 

But now, BMW all sold out liao. Since no BMW to sell, I sell BMW pouch loh. Same lah. Limited stock left hor. 

Damn, my photography skill not bad hor! Don't use my photos without permission ah! 

Spent some time to arrange all the photos into albums on EAC's FB page earlier. For easier navigation cos in future, there will be 3 (and counting) different places. Interesting. 

More and more colleagues, fun! EAC needs more woman leh. Nobody to discuss shopping and makeup with me, I sian! But please hor, no emo emo type, or those who act like they're lady boss, or those who think they're damn chio. Best is those 38 38, wire abit loose type. Haha! We can daiso together, no problem! Lol
Time for bed! Gotta work tomorrow! Nights all! :) 

I miss holiday-ing in cold cold country!!! That is a fake spec btw. Me eyesight is perfect na.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Those we once loved...

Once a stranger, to our everything, then somehow become a stranger again. 

The only constant in life is... CHANGE. Times change, people change, situations change, relationships change, we can only learn how to accept and embrace it.

The haze is so bad, I can't even. Making me unwell for the whole day. Staying indoor don't seems to help leh. Maybe should go for a swim or jog! Lol

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My life now...

Sorry if I bored you out with my posts recently, becos apparently, my life now is only work and kids, nothing else. I don't even have time to go dating. Haha

Garage filled with cars everyday. (I'm not complaining!) Setting up of KB and d'Perfection, all these are taking a toll on everyone. All look so stressed up lately. On a side note, we have employed more people already.
Then back home...
I've two rascals to discipline and entertain. Need to nag at Raeann to do her homework and watch her roll here climb there for around 2-3 hours. Then entertain Meimei's nonsense and hear them call "MUMMY" 289 times in 2-3 hours.
Not only that, I've to monitor Raeann's progress with her school and tuition teachers as well. Not really interested in her results but more on her behaviour and attitude. She's those who will make people so bloody mad and pekchek with her, make people feel like slapping her kind of kids. I swear my tolerance level is damn high already.

Sometimes, I feel so tired till I feel like running away. I don't know how to teach and discipline. It's getting worse as they grow older. I really wonder how my mom did it, with 4 kids. I wonder how other FTWMs did it. I feel so ashamed and lousy.

Thank god Meimei is slightly better in terms of listening, understanding and studies. She has her cons too lah, one of them is being too sticky to me! But I cannot blame her for being like that. Becos I was the one attending to her since she was a baby. She MUST sleep next to me every night. Even when she fall asleep early, she will wake up in the middle of the night to "search" for me. But she's understanding in a sense that if I explain to her before hand (let's say if I've to go to work earlier and can't send her to aunt's place), she will be fine. She's definitely not loh-soh like Raeann.

She's very funny. She always come up with nonsense you have no idea to be angry or to laugh and you won't know how to reply her.

That day she dropped her bracelet...

Me: Mei, where you drop it?
Xuan: I don't know *shrug*
Me: See lah, it's your birthday present, now it's gone.
Xuan: NO PROBLEM. I've bigger bracelet at Mama's house.

But I found the bracelet at home. And I said I'll keep it for her (jokingly said I'll give it to Jiejie cos her hand is too small), if not she will drop it again. Then yesterday...

Xuan: Mummy, you give the bracelet to Jiejie lor.
Me: WHY?


Then last night, I promised to sleep next to Raeann cos the night before I slept next to Meimei. (See lah, even sleeping next to me also must fight ok!) So I told Meimei to compromise, becos I promised Jiejie already. But wow, she came up with incredible nonsense again.

Xuan: But Mummy, I cannot sleep here, it's so hot.
Xuan: Mummy, I feel so itchy. Becos I sleep next to Jiejie.
Me: WOW (Both me and Raeann LOL!)

End up, I must compromise by squeezing in the centre of both of them. Haiz. Life is hard.

I eat mooncakes until sore throat liao.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The 258th cake!

Okay, I anyhow, cos I lost count of how many cakes I saw this month. And that's not end yet. Kentucky Shun's 21st is on the 29th.

Meimei requested to go ice skating on her birthday after watching Peppa Pig on YouTube. Her wish is my command. 


None of us know how to skate, they were scare, so was I! Hahaha 

Btw, birthday month gets free 2h entry + free rental of boots. Each birthday person gets 2 free tickets so we all got in for free! I only paid $20 for the rental of the penguin. 
Raeann learnt the technique quite fast. Aiya, not surprising cos she's always good at all these, except studies. Meimei fell a few times and got sian after awhile. Then she gave "excuses" that she wanna watch movie lah, wanna sleep lah. 

And then she got scolded by me cos she's the one who keeps pestering me to bring her to skate. 

But I still gave in to the movie request cos well, it's her birthday. We watched The Maze something, Raeann kept saying "I'm scare" throughout the whole show when she was the one who chose the movie. Really 被他们烦死!

But Mei was super funny. She eat eat eat then suddenly pass the popcorn to jiejie (they were sharing lah). I ask her why she don't want the popcorn already ah? She replied, "Wait. I need to sleep first!" Hahahahaha 

After movie, we went to Jem for dinner with bro & family...

Cos hor, I miss Anders leh. I like quite long didn't see him liao. It's either I'm home late or he's home late or he fall asleep in car on the way home.

Enough is enough. Last cake for their celebration. I don't even have a single cake for my birthday this year. My birthday "cake" still "making in progress", lol! 

Happy birthday to my mister and two misses! The three 让我欢喜让我愁 persons. May your life be filled with endless happiness and laughter.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I've good common sense!!!

Can't agree more that many people are lack of common sense nowadays. And it's a form of punishment to those who have. No joke.

Today, I've a new helper...

Hahaha 几 serious 一下!!! I really cannot work or live in messy place. When I see paperwork stacking up, I'll clear them asap. 

My sec sch mate send her car for servicing and brought her kids along. Well, I've to say we're not super close kinda friends but I really thank her for her support.

Company dinner after work! All have been working hard and have to work even harder in time to come. 

So many September babies around, even in EAC. Cake again. But this is nice and expensive!