Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A little bit more about EAC!

Sorry, bear with me, I'm so in love with my job, I need to talk about it every time. LOL

And so, we celebrated Kentucky Shun's 21st last night, some of my colls couldn't make it though.

I was being stopped to buy 21 cakes, cos NOBODY LIKES TO EAT CAKE, and thus a small one.
I told my boss the other day... Do you know that The Lounge is my MOST accomplished task in EAC? I take care of it like my own house, becos I built it. Other than the computer and copier machine, the rest of the items are painstakingly sourced by yours truly. And so, I feel extremely happy whenever people praised the lounge.
Yes, I do have a few customers telling me, "wow, I like this place, it feels like home" or something similar, asking me why do I have this idea?
Hmm, becos I put myself in others' shoe, that's all. I believe that no parents like cranky and noisy kids.

Yes, I'm here almost everyday, my girls will be here almost every Saturday too, unless I'm sick or I've something on. If not, I'll always try to appear. Becos hor, the guys will mess up all my invoices. Aiyoyo

I love my job becos I get to meet many different kind of people everyday. The good ones, the nasty ones, the CB ones, high flyers, govt officers, designers etc etc.

And I get to buy things (designer sunglass in the photo) at a steal!!! Sponsored by company, since the boss asked me to choose it? Haaa... I've been buying so many shades lately, I don't really need it, so I just anyhow choose one.


  1. Yes babe. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. I always envy ppl that can find a job they love. But to me is like a task cos I always in a wrong one and this one is completely wrong yet I can't leave all because of the needs of money. Yet I can't find any job. Even my sis just graduated have find a job she love going too. Life so hard on me. Sorry for venting here. I have no one to talk to even to the man also no use. Is all about money after marriage with burdens. Can I just die liao?

    1. First of all, do you know what kind of job u love? What do u like to do? I actually liked Sales & Marketing but I know I'm not a sales person.

      I can only say that maintaining a marriage is never easy, it takes 2 persons constant efforts. And yes, money is always part of the marriage arguments, I used to be like that too. Money is not everything, but you can't do without money either.


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