Friday, September 25, 2015

Fuck the haze lah!

I'm sick again. Now my nose like spoilt tap, cannot close. Voice changed. One year must sick how many times??? FML

But I'm quite happy today... As in, mood quite good. Don't know why? Maybe cos very busy? Lol

My long time friend brought his newly bought BMW 335i for full servicing + repairs + warranty this morning. So to thank him for trusting me/us...

I'm giving him one of this! Which I'm also selling it on my FB page now. I bought it last time for my customer lah (from my own pocket hor). Then I ordered extras cos I thought I can sell more BMW, hahaha! 

I only like to sell BMW (Suzuki Swift also can, how are you my Pinky?) cos I'm familiar with it now and I won't give wrong info (hopefully). Like example, how to open the petrol cap thing? I asked this lame question when I first got this car cos I searched high and low for that "button". 

But now, BMW all sold out liao. Since no BMW to sell, I sell BMW pouch loh. Same lah. Limited stock left hor. 

Damn, my photography skill not bad hor! Don't use my photos without permission ah! 

Spent some time to arrange all the photos into albums on EAC's FB page earlier. For easier navigation cos in future, there will be 3 (and counting) different places. Interesting. 

More and more colleagues, fun! EAC needs more woman leh. Nobody to discuss shopping and makeup with me, I sian! But please hor, no emo emo type, or those who act like they're lady boss, or those who think they're damn chio. Best is those 38 38, wire abit loose type. Haha! We can daiso together, no problem! Lol
Time for bed! Gotta work tomorrow! Nights all! :) 

I miss holiday-ing in cold cold country!!! That is a fake spec btw. Me eyesight is perfect na.

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