Friday, September 18, 2015

How to deal with CBs?

Wah. I tell u hor. There are many CB kias in this world. Cheapo to the max. Good at pushing blames when they are the one not doing their work & not willing to pay.

Sometimes I see my colls and I wonder, HOW THE HELL CAN THEY TOLERATE SUCH PEOPLE HUH? 

My boss msg me just now, telling me about one CB... We gave him FOC repairs and he still want us to send the car to Pasir Ris, all the way from Pioneer during peak hours and offered us $30 cab fare! 


Cab fare will be AT LEAST $50 during peak hours can. He think his $30 bigger than 牛车轮 issit?

Hahahahaha! I think even the boss also scare of me, worried I'll offend all the customers. 

Com'on. If people are nice, I'll be nice too. I dislike people taking advantage just becos we're nice. No doubt is business we're talking about, but 做人 agar agar tio ho, 不要太过分. 

There are, of cos, nice and understanding customers too, and I'm very grateful for that. I think there's still a lot i need to learn. Must first train up my tolerance for CB kias. 

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