Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last Birthday of September!

21st Birthday is one of the most significant day in one's life. The day when you receive your "golden key" and stretch out your wings to "fly" and "blossom". Can no longer be a mummy boy/girl. Our youngest mechanic can't go home to celebrate with his family. He didn't mention about taking leave at all leh. So we will do a close door celebration for him later.
Can I assume that I'll be seeing the last birthday cake for September this year? LOL I'm still very very unwell lor, but becos it's so important I cannot miss the celebration. I'm going to JP to buy him 21 birthday cakes later, hahaha!

B is extremely hardworking out of sudden. He worked till about 5am this morning cos he just gotten a new job order... But I received these msgs from 7-9:19am!

He reads my blog! Hahaha! In fact, I know that many people are reading it lor!

Kenneth called me last night & said, "Wah u quite popular one leh". Hahaha, he went to his customer's place to fix aircon and that customer happens to be my blog reader, she saw his photos on my blog before. Lol! Kenneth said she really trust me a lot. (I'm happy to hear that!)
Well, I don't know who are you but a big HELLO to you! Thank you for reading this aunty's blog and trusting my words! Come to EAC @ Garage (Pioneer Point) for your car servicing/repairs and I'll give you discount ok? :)


  1. Hi babe, are you still with EAC @ Garage? Would like to ask do you do servicing for Suzuki swift car?
    Is the address correct?
    5 Soon Lee Street
    #06-10 Pioneer Point
    Singapore 627607

    Thank you babe

    1. Yes, we do and that's the right address.

      Would you like to make an appointment?


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