Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My 3 September Precious

Did I mention before, Meimei shares the same birthday as B? Is this considered fate? Lol

Therefore, September is my "brokest" month of the year. 3 VIPs birthday in a roll now. I already bought B his present, but no idea why? I received a gift in return too. Hahaha

Baby, I'm looking forward to Santorini. I want to travel the world with you. 

And his precious mm also received a birthday gift from him... 


A Tiffany & Co. Infinity bracelet. Suits her cos she brought infinity joy to our life. 

Then he also booked a hotel for staycation for Raeann + bringing her to buy her present tomorrow. I'll be treating her/them to a surprise place for dinner tomorrow.

It's really a blessing to have someone who loves the kids as much as myself.

Seriously, I don't think good men still exist until I met him. He has his flaws (bad temper, over protective, grouchy when hungry or tired or stressed) of cos, but it's just his habit. I usually laugh it off now. And when I laugh, he finds it funny and laugh at me too. We can laugh and laugh the whole day, literally.

Is this what's love suppose to be? We can live in our own world, no matter where we go, create jokes out of nowhere, and laugh it off together. Most importantly, there are comfort hugs and kisses everyday. He said, people are envious of our "loving". *blush* 

Love is, two persons constantly putting in efforts for each other, even after having kids. It cannot be one-sided. 

For my case, I'm really lucky. Cos I found a man who constantly puts in efforts for me, and my two kids! :)

On my part, I do feel inferior somehow. I felt bad we cannot date like a normal couple. We always have to "date" with the kids around. End up, it's not even consider dating, cos we won't even have time to lovey dovey.

Other than that, it's always work, work & more WORK! ć…ˆè‹ŠćŽç”œ is what we mutually think so. Struggle now, enjoy later!

Packed goodie bags for Meimei for her celebration in school next week! 

I really love my life now. I'm so blessed with my family, B and my kids around.

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!


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